Thursday, January 14

Thursday Dose of Cute: Soaking Up Sun in the Snow

It's A Rough Life Being a Donkey (Can't You Tell?)

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  1. Sooooo Adorable! The only problem with all of these wonderful "Dose of Cute" pictures is that I can't stop looking at them (this is bad only because I don't get anything else done!! LOL!)

    For example: These donkeys are so cute - I need me a donkey (or two)!

    Thanks again for sharing all your 'cuties' with the rest of us.

  2. Are you down a donkey? Seems we've been seeing five and not six lately.

  3. I love your donkeys! What exactly do they do on the farm (besides being cute, of course)? Do they protect the sheep?

  4. What a wonderful photo! Those donkeys are beyond cute! I agree with the other poster: it is hard to quit looking at farm cuteness. I am so fond of your animals and blog!

  5. Oh, ouch, they are so adorable it makes my heart ache. I have wanted a donkey forever. When I was a kid I dreamed of hiking the Sierras with a faithful donkey-friend. (this won't be happening at my little house and garden in town)

    Now, I just visit your babies and am content.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  6. Adorable !!!

    I'd be out there talking to them all the time...

  7. Love the donkeys. Did your mom have a good time while she was visiting? I hope your feeling better soon.


  9. Oh, you can just see the sun radiating off their fur - so cute!
    And a great photographe too!
    pboylecharley AT hotmail DOT com


  11. Do you have a farrier come out or do you trim them up yourselves?
    I had a standard spotted jenny. I got her to keep my horse company and run off dogs, coyotes...But she picked up a kicking habit. I sold her to a person who absolutely adores her but I'd like to get more donkey's only smaller. Would I need a standard or a lamas to protect them?

  12. Here is an old picture from 1904 of the NYC Parks Department of the "Donkey Boys. What a strange job but then again it was 1904.

  13. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. It's always great to hear from fellow donkey lovers - and I highly recommend them for anyone. If you don't have a lot of land, just think miniature donkey. ;)

    Good eyes! We do still have six donkeys, but a lot of the recent donkey pictures are of just five (Dolores, Daphne, Evie, Esmeralda, and Fernando) because Donkey Doodle Dandy (aka Dan) is currently living apart from the rest of the herd so we don't have any baby donkeys born in winter (gestation is about 12 months) - and so we don't have any babies at all born to Evie and Esmeralda since Dan is their daddy.

    Dan is still surrounded by girls, but of the wooly kind - you can see a picture of him with his flock here (scroll down past the picture of the other five donkeys).

    Of course Dan has a whole other breeding plan, and since he jumped a fence to get to his girls a while back, we just might have a baby donkey (or two!) next winter. In the meantime, furry little Fernando, Daphne's son who was born in late July, is already showing signs of wanting to start his own donkey herd (!!), so he will have to be separated from the girls - and hopefully sold to a good home - sometime very soon.

    Hi Haley,
    Cute definitely goes a long way around here, especially when it comes to donkeys. ; ) The plan when I originally acquired Dan (you can read how that came about here) was that he would live with the sheep and help protect them from predators (especially all the coyotes around here), but it turns out that Dan isn't really a livestock guarding kind of donkey - and neither are Daphne and Dolores, the two girlfriends I bought him a few years ago.

    We're fine with that, though, since Daisy and Marta are now doing an excellent job of guarding the sheep - which means the donkeys are pretty much kept around for their entertainment value - which is priceless. Who needs TV with a herd of donkeys around? They're also really friendly and just fun to hang out with. : )

  14. Hi Jean,
    My foodie mom did have a good time during her holiday farm visit, despite my still being down with the flu while she was here. We managed to have some fabulous meals, including a Slow Roasted Greek Style Leg of Lamb with Potatoes and Swiss Chard and homemade pizza topped with lots of homemade Italian sausage (recipe for the sausage coming one of these days!).

    When the temperatures dropped into the teens, the native Californian started getting a little cold. And she left just in time, since it dropped below zero a couple days later! :)

    Hi Sharon,
    Donkeys are the best. I knew nothing about them before getting Dan, but now I can't imagine life without them. Not much space? Think miniature donkey - they're only about the size of a sheep! ;)

    Hi My Stuff from MO,
    We do have a farrier come out and trim the donkeys' hooves (and are long overdue for a visit!), but fortunately all of the rocky terrain around here keeps them naturally trimmed down. So much easier than the farrier. ; )

    As for keeping a herd of miniature donkeys safe, I'm not sure if you would need a guardian for them or not. Part of it would depend on what the predator situation is like in your area. A standard donkey who is good at guarding would probably work - and a llama might work, too. We've tried a lot of guarding solutions, including llamas (which can be wonderful but didn't work out for us), and we're really happy with our Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs.

    Hi John,
    What great pictures!


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