Monday, September 20

Monday Dose of Cute: Kids These Days

Gus and Daphne 1

Gus and Daphne 2

Gus and Daphne 3

Gus and Daphne 4

Gus and Daphne 5

Gus and Daphne 6

Gus and Daphne 7

Gus and Daphne 8

Gus and Daphne 9

Gus and Daphne 10

Gus and Daphne 11

Gus and Daphne 12

Gus and Daphne 13

Gus and Daphne 14

Gus and Daphne 15

Gus and Daphne 16

Gus and Daphne 17

Gus and Daphne 18

Gus and Daphne 19

Four year old Daphne, who is quite used to being attacked by her children, is very patient, possibly because she's been known to make a little mischief herself. Eight-week-old Gus is attacking his mother because he's bored and can't get anybody to play with him. (More about that later.)

Disclaimer: No donkeys were harmed during the actions that took place in these photos (Daphne could have shut him down anytime if she wanted to), although one photographer nearly fell over laughing while she watched.

Just getting to know this goofy little guy?
9/10/10: Catching On
9/17/10: This Moment

©, the watch out he bites foodie farm blog where I can't think of another barnyard animal who even comes close to donkeys in the hilarious facial expressions department. It must be the ears. And speaking of wonderful creatures (and teeth), when I hiked out to the front field this evening to do one last check on the 49 sheep currently out there, the sky was full of bats! I just love them.


  1. I so needed the giggles that came out of me when I looked through your photos. Thank you for the smile on my face. What a nice, pleasant way to end a draining day.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. How sweet. Look at those ears!

  3. You made my night fun too with that run of pics. Thanks so much.

  4. That was a CUTENESS overdose! That Gus! He is so cute! If I had donkeys, I would never get anything done...they are just too cute not to photograph.

  5. Oh my, I could just imagine being there to see this myself and hearing the braying (?) going on. Girl, you need a video camera! (Though the still shots are priceless.) I so enjoy your blog! Have a great day!

  6. They look like they are 'singing'. Way too cute! and you are so lucky to get to enjoy them in person every day!! thanks for sharing these great photos.

  7. I can hear them baying!!

  8. Gus is getting to be a little fatso. All of the pictures are cute!

  9. Hi- I am your newest follower...Love the donkeys. Please come and check out my blog and follow. I too have donkeys.

  10. That is such a cute baby donkey. He is full of mischief. Great pictures and that is one patient Momma. Have a fine day.

  11. If you scroll thru those photos really fast, it's like watching a donkey movie!

  12. honestly, if I don't stop droppin' in and seeing these adorable adorable donkey-people, one of these days I'm just going to snap and bring one home for #17...

  13. There are few things cuter than baby donkeys. Adorable. :)


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