Wednesday, September 1

Wednesday Dose of Cute: On the Trail of Treats, Version Two

On the Trail of Treats Version 2 (1)

On the Trail of Treats Version 2 (2)

On the Trail of Treats Version 2 (3)

On the Trail of Treats Version 2 (4)
Uh oh.

On the Trail of Treats Version 2 (5)

On the Trail of Treats Version 2 (6)

Around here, it's all about the treats:
4/18/10: On the Trail of Treats, Version One (and why cute keeps winning out over food)
3/25/07: Baby Gobble
6/15/09: Pizza Party
8/18/10: Buckethead

And we have plenty of people treats, too!
Cookies and Bars

Muffins and Scones
Cranberry Christmas Scones (tasty any time of year)
100% Whole Grain Bran Muffins (four different flavors)

Cakes, Tarts, and More

©, the galloping foodie farm blog where sometimes you download three day's worth of photos in search of cute and realize once again, it's baby donkeys or nothing. And woohoohoo! it's finally raining!


  1. Love these photos! The little guys are so cute the way they keep up with the group. LOVE, love, love your donkey crew!

    Glad its raining!

  2. Raining here - have gotten 2 inches in 24 hours - woo hooity! Adorable donkey pictures - Gnat is just the cutest! I have learned to hold my hands up in the air and say "nothing - I got nothing" to my goats to avoid being overrun in the hunt for treats!

  3. I hope nobody got stampeded!

    Cute pictures.

  4. Thanks for posting such cute pictures. They always make me smile. I have a question about my bread making. I am using the farmhouse white (delicious) but the dough doesn't rise for me during the second proof after I have shaped the loaves. It barely clears the lip of the pan and doesn't rise in the oven. What am I doing wrong? The temperature is the same for the first rise which goes beautifully!

  5. Oh those donks are just too cute!! Since I can't have my own, thank you for sharing yours.

    Happy to hear it's raining in your part of the world - we had a little, but we could use A LOT MORE!

  6. Is there anything cuter than baby donkeys? I think not! I'm loving the pics. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. It's good to know I'm not the only one who can't get enough baby donkey photos! :)

    Yeah, I try that 'I've got nothing' hands in the air thing, but there always seems to be part of the group (usually the rowdiest, most obnoxious ones - sheep, donkeys, whatever) who don't believe me.

    Thankfully in this scenario I did have a full bucket of treats - I was just so busy taking pictures I didn't bother to put them in the trough. Mistake! : )

    Hi Farmgirlwannabe,
    Sorry to hear about your bread baking troubles. Since your dough rose nicely the first time, then your yeast isn't dead. What's probably happening, though, is that for some reason the yeast is exhausting itself before it has time to finish the second rise, and then rise even more in the oven.

    You might try a shorter first rise. It's okay to shape the loaves before the dough has doubled in size during its first rise. You also might be unwittingly letting it rise too long. The easiest way to see if your dough has doubled in size is to let it rise in a straight sided, plastic container with a snap on lid. Click here and scroll down to see a photo of what I mean.

    Once you've shaped the loaves, a good way to test whether they're ready to go in the oven is to lightly poke a finger in the dough. If the hole you've made stays, then the dough is totally done rising and should go in the oven pronto. I usually put my loaves in the oven when the finger poke hole starts to fill back in just slightly - that assures me the yeast still has some oomph left in it.

    A shaped pan loaf that hasn't risen quite enough may tend to burst a little once it hits the heat of the oven, but in my experience that is more preferable than an exhausted loaf that won't rise at all - or even deflates.

    As far as how high over the pan rim your dough is rising, that will depend on the size of your pans. I usually use 8-inch baking pans, and cram about 2 pounds of dough into them. That means the dough rises quite a bit over the top of the pan lip. Most recipes, though, call for 9-inch loaf pans, and the difference in how high the same amount of dough rises in each size pan is very big. I actually have photos around here somewhere showing the same amount of dough rising and baked in two size pans - maybe one of these days I'll find and post them.

    One way to experiment when you're having rise problems like this is to simply let your three loaves in your batch rise for different amounts of time. Put one in the oven when it seems a little early, wait 5 or 10 minutes and put in the next one, and then another 5 or 10 minutes (depending on how the finger poking looks) before you put in the third. Then compare what happens to the loaves in the oven.

    I hope this helps. Happy baking! :)

  8. OMG those ears are so expressive!
    I am completely smitten with your donkies!

  9. really adorable!

    love your site as i found it by accident! but will definitely be coming back for more :)


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