Saturday, September 11

Saturday Dose of Cute: One Safe Little Sheep

Daisy, Bear, and Franny 1

Daisy, Bear, and Franny 2
And one cute but freaky stock dog who loves to lick wood fences

Daisy, Bear, and Franny 3

Franny, my 2009 Katahdin hair sheep bottle baby (photos taken 9/26/09)

A brief technical note: Today I officially started hosting Farmgirl Fare on my own domain,, and unfortunately there's a little hiccup. If you're using Internet Explorer, for now you'll need to go to and not just to get here. All links should still work fine (but now people should stop mistakenly thinking my blog is called Foodie Farmgirl). Of course if you're staring at a godaddy page right now and wondering why the heck you're not at the farm, this notice isn't doing you any good. Update: Rats. It's happening in Firefox now, too. Seem for now you need that www no matter what. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Sunday Update: Hooves crossed, I think I've got it fixed!

©, the perplexing but amusing foodie farm blog where Joe says maybe Bear's tongue just itches, and I love going back and seeing what was happening on the farm at this time a year ago, or two years ago, or even five years ago. (I can't believe I've been blogging for over five years.) Always something different, yet always something the same. And for those of you concerned, there's nothing wrong with Franny's front leg; she just has it set at an odd angle, probably because she's trying to decide whether she should get up and flee from these two.


  1. You came thru just fine on Safari this evening where I thoroughly enjoyed the sacked out dog. Thanks for your blog,

  2. Fine on Firefox.

    What wonderful dogs these are!

  3. Your animals make me smile and I love coming to your blog. Most of my family has passed and I'm still working outside the home so I only have 1 dog and 2 cats. I love watching them. They have all been together now for 9+ years and chase each other and lay around the house comfortably. Enjoy each and every precious day with those oh so cute animals of yours.
    Best to you!

  4. Hi there, you just need to update your DNS records to fix it so it works without the www. It's not browser dependent (more likely a lagtime in DNS updates which is why it works for some). I don't know who your host is, but I can try to help you fix it if you like.


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