Saturday, September 25

Saturday Dose of Cute: Chicken Food Thief?

Chicken Food Thief
Or Just Can't Pass Up A Cute Dish of Fresh Vegetables?

You never know with our Tough Tortie Topaz!
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© 2010, the veggie happy foodie farm blog where I used to have an enormous Airedale/Rottweiler named Rex who loved to munch on whole carrots as if they were bones. Every other dog I've offered one to since (assuming this was a nice healthy treat all dogs were crazy about), including Crazy Daisy just the other day, has given me the same puzzled/borderline disgusted look that clearly said, Why on earth are you holding this thing in front of my face?

Who knew. At least I do know exactly what
donkeys think of broccoli and will never make that mistake again. The only vegetables donkeys want are carrots.

And for those of you wondering, Topaz is standing on a big metal gas tank that is parked near one of the chicken coops in the farmyard and that we've used once since I moved to this farm in 2000—about 8 or 9 years ago when gas was around $1.50 a gallon and suddenly started shooting skyward overnight, with rumors of it already having hit $4.00 a gallon in nearby towns and lots of price gouging going on.

We, along with everybody else in the area, drove into town and stood in a long line at the one and only gas station, patiently waiting to fill up every gas container we could find for $1.59 a gallon before they ran out.

P.S. Maybe next post I'll explain, for the sake of puzzled new readers, what the heck these ever changing copyright notices are all about and why they sometimes tend to go on for several paragraphs.


  1. Our golden retriever dug out and ate every last carrot from my garden. He was in the proverbial dog house for days!

  2. Our friends had a yellow lab that just loved carrots! At one party he knocked a whole relish tray off the table just to get to the carrots!!

  3. My dog adores carrots, broccoli, zucchini and cucumber. She's a Bearded Collie. I love tortie cats and had one for 16 years. She was the best but never ate carrots!nct

  4. Dogs and veggies I understand. Our beagle (who lived to be 15) was crazy for string beans and carrots. My Yorkie (4 pounder) adore iceberg lettuce and barks wildly for it. He will not touch the healthily green lettuce.

    But a cat with its nose in a dish of veggies? WILD!

  5. Had to laugh at the dog story. I've known several dogs who loved vegetables (not just carrots either). One would do a little happy dance when you offered him one. But my dogs, not so much. Loki, my crazy healer/lab/border collie mut cross will politely take what you offer him, and just as politely gently spit it back out and look at you like, "what the heck were you thinking". I have a cat who will take your arm off for cheese, and two othere who could care less. Animals, like people, are not all created equal.

  6. I love reading your Copyright notices - I learn sooo much from them!

    My dog (a Bichon) loves carrots - especially if I grate them for him! Aren't animals funny?

  7. Your wonderful photos of your crazy farm life AND the copyright notes are what keep me coming back again and again!

  8. I love the copyright notes. Took me a few blog posts when I originally found you to figure out that they were something you wrote, and now they're a cute, quirky part of your blog that no one else I follow does.

    My dog loves apples...

  9. Our dogs ADORE veggies, especially carrots, so I've always thought that's normal.

    Our cat? She must be part dog and loves bread, veggies, yogurt, any sort of meat...the only things we've found that she won't eat are cheerios and grapes. Odd.

  10. We have a Newf and a New/Border Collie mix who both LOVE carrots. We grow them in the garden just for the dogs. But the Newf will only eat them if they are peeled! So we always have a container of carrots in the fridge and they get pieces with every evening meal.

  11. My male whippet loves carrots and broccoli... when he hears me chopping veggies, he quietly sits at my feet until I notice him. My female will only eat meat products...and not so quietly will sit at my feet when she smells chicken! They are so funny and unique.

  12. I recently discovered your blog via I really enjoy checking in once in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to try one of your recipes soon. I also have an adorable tortie shell named Lisa who has the same camera poses as Topaz.


  13. I saw my sisters 2 little dogs eat tomatoes the other day.

    She said they would eat grapefruit too.....

  14. Our dog Lena (a Norwegian Buhund) LOVES to eat the following raw foods: the crunchy parts of Romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes white and sweet, apple, pear, green beans…. and I'm sure that I'm leaving some out. [She does NOT like bananas, oranges or onions. One day I left an orange peeled and wrapped in two paper towels. She ate the paper towels and left the orange.] When I go in the kitchen and start chopping, she sits hopefully at my feet, waiting for something to be thrown to her which she will catch before it hits the floor.

  15. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the fun comments! I love hearing about the vegetables and other foods your pets like to - or won't - eat.

    I should probably admit that Topaz might have been mostly interested in a couple of blobs of guacamole decorating the top of that dish of vegetables headed for the chickens. ; )

    It's not surprising, since she LOVES tortilla chips. I've actually busted her jumping onto the kitchen counter to steal chips out of a bowl. I couldn't figure out what the heck she was after. Watching her enthusiastically crunching on them is a riot.

    She does eat vegetables, too - and she goes crazy over cantaloupe. I've had other cantaloupe loving cats before - it seems like they either gobble it up or look at you like you're nuts. : )


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