Thursday, September 2

Thursday Dose of Cute: Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss 1

Kiss Kiss 2

Kiss Kiss 3

Kiss Kiss 4
Esmeralda and Little Gnat, Age 11 Days (photos taken 8/31)

©, the so close and yet so far away foodie farm blog where this amazingly soft little guy is still playing hard to get. He'll stand a few feet away from me, take a couple of curious steps towards my outstretched hand, and then turn away, stopping just long enough for me to give him a quick pat on the rump (which is just what his daddy used to do when he first arrived on the farm). Meanwhile Goofy Gus—who is a lot bigger than Gnat—was so excited to see me this afternoon I swear I thought he was going to leap right up into my arms as he barreled towards me from across the field. That would have been interesting.


  1. So cute !!! Can I come visit ...

  2. That would have been something trying to catch Gus as he flew through the air. But since you take the pictures, you wouldn't be able to prove that you caught him.

  3. Beyond cute! Those are amazing photos--especially the one where they are walking away. If I had cuteness like this around, I would not get anything done!

    Lately we have been seeing more dinkeys and donkeys here in CT. (My other obsession is Belted Galloway cows and alpacas. Yesterday we saw a baby Galloway in VT. The animal world is amazingly cute and wonderful.)

    Gnat is so adorable as is Gus. All the big donkeys are wonderful. Sigh.

  4. You might just have to go ahead and catch him and put a halter with a short line on it. That way you can step on the line and pull him to you while he's still young....


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