Tuesday, September 28

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Got Treats?

Got Treats 1

Got Treats 2

Got Treats 3

Got Treats 4

Got Treats 5

Got Treats 6

Got Treats 7

Got Treats 8
Gosh, I Hope So

Around here it's all about the treats:
3/25/07: Baby Gobble
6/15/09: Pizza Party
9/10/10: Catching On
9/15/10: Um, Excuse Me

And we have plenty of people treats, too!
Cookies and Bars

Muffins and Scones
Cranberry Christmas Scones (tasty any time of year)
100% Whole Grain Bran Muffins (four different flavors)

Cakes, Tarts, and More

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  1. Lordy, those pics are hysterical! I love all the different shapes their upper lip takes as they're trying to convince you to feed them.
    And this is another one of those series, that if you scroll thru them real quick, plays like a stop action movie. I just did it a bunch of times and sat here laughing my butt off. Pretty funny.

  2. They are hilarious...and cute! Those ears! Those eyes! You must start laughing sometimes...they are just too funny!

  3. You are killing me! I just wanted to reach out and let them nuzzle my hand. Those beautiful faces! My morning can now begin. Thank you.

  4. Those are hilarious photos! What a great way to start the day!

  5. I love your blog, but I'm not usually a commenter - but this has got to be my favorite post yet! I love these pictures and those soft donkey noses!

    Thanks Farmgirl Susan!

  6. Oh. my. gosh. Look at those ears in the last pic! They are cute! Thanks I totally needed that. ;)
    Peace, Angela

  7. Donkeys are so stinkin' cute it's unreal.

    You are making me want one, but I know better cause my horses are goof balls and would freak.

  8. What a wonderful series of photos, these guys must make you laugh all the time, no wonder you have so many donkeys! Those little piggies!


  9. How could you not LOVE those little critters. Puts a smile on all of our faces and thanks so much for sharing them!!!

  10. Gosh, if I wasn't in love with them already...these are just too cute!!! Who could possibly resist such adorable-ness?

    Thanks for a great start to the day!

  11. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. I'm so glad you're getting such a kick out of these photos.

    One of the questions people ask us most - both online and around town - is why we have so many donkeys (current count: 7) and what we do with them, or what they do for us. When somebody asks Joe and I'm not around, I think he usually just tells them they're mine and sort of leaves it at that, LOL.

    I think from now on when somebody asks, I'll just link to this post - and print out these pics in wallet-size for my purse. I mean, no matter what kind of a day you're having, they'll always make you smile. And that - along with their general entertainment value, not to mention their loving personalities - to me, is priceless. : )

    Hi Lauren,
    Welcome to the comments section! We're so happy you're finally here! Their big noses really are so sweet and soft.

  12. These were so funny! I especially love the one with the donkey braying and the two kids in the middle. And the ears!!!!!! One of your best series EVER!!!!

  13. Oh my gawd, I about peed my pants looking at these, these are just unbelievable pictures.


    I even saved the first one to my desktop so I could enjoy the jackassery whenever I boot this baby up.

    Nice, Susan :)

  15. When someone asks why you have so many donkeys, I would have to ask, Why not? Gosh, how does any work get done. There are too many cute things to distract me.

  16. those faces are priceless!

  17. LOVE This picture! Great shot!!

  18. Oh, Susan, these photos make my heart sing. Do you ever sell prints of your work? The top shot would be beautiful in my old farmhouse!


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