Wednesday, September 22

Wednesday Farm Photo: A Glimpse of Color to Come

Lucky Buddy Bear on autumn driveway
Lucky Buddy Bear on the Driveway (taken October 11, 2009)

Hello, autumn! I am so glad you're here. We've had more than enough summer heat and excitement this year and are ready for things to cool down.

Can't wait for more fall color?

©, the still tank topped foodie farm blog where today it was 91 degrees and humid as all get out (as in, you crumble up a piece of paper and it doesn't make a sound) so it doesn't exactly feel like fall yet. But it will. It will. You can see it in the subtly changing afternoon light, and the leaves that aren't quite as green. Everything looks the same, yet ever so slightly different. In a way you can't describe in words. You can only take notice—and photos!—and breathe it all in, this wonderful time of year.


  1. Susan, Just wondering how you are feeling...back to 100% I hope after the snake incident. Blessings, Liz

  2. I treasure each fall day. We are begining to have some color on the trees and temps in the 60-70's. LOVE IT!

  3. Sounds like you're enjoying the same heat we have in Dubai! But lucky you with all that lovely color. I'm green with envy :)

  4. I love that description of the paper--that is SO IT. Also, the kind of humid where all the unsealed envelopes seal themselves so when you go to mail things you have to pry the adhesive apart and then they rip and have to be taped together? That kind of humid?

    Also, HI BEEEEEAR!!!

  5. Wish I could put myself in that picture, nothing better than a country road in the fall and a dog to walk with you......still having summer here in Georgia, HOT! Bring on autumn and all it's beauty!

  6. I'll be glad when it's a cooler. But, can't stand when it's cold.

  7. Yes, this summer's heat & humidity have been awful!! Come on cool temps!! Today the predicted high temp is something like 92 degrees! Yuck!

  8. Mother Nature and her sense of humor!!! Waaay too hot & humid for the first day of fall!!!

    Don't you just love the way the leaves change? It is so subtle and then all of a sudden...

  9. I love Fall-the colors and the light are spectacular. You have an awesome driveway. Peace, Angela


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