Friday, September 10

Friday Dose of Cute: Catching On

Gus Has Discovered the Treat Trough 1
Gus Has Discovered the Treat Barrow

Gus Has Discovered the Treat Trough 2

Gus Has Discovered the Treat Trough 3
But Little Gnat Hasn't (does he just look too pitiful or what?)

Don't miss out on any good stuff this weekend!

Need a bigger dose of baby donkey cute?
8/22/10 Not to Worry
9/7/10: Heading Back
Esmeralda's Baby Pictures (she's Gnat's mother), plus my favorite series of her and her mother here
Fernando (now lives in Tennessee and is spoiled rotten by his new family)
Dinky (lives on another farm and is best pals with a giant Belgian horse)
Dear Little Flitta (unfortunately they don't always have happy endings)

©, the just want to scoop him up and hug him (but he still won't let me get near him!) foodie farm blog where if things are quiet around here for a day or two, I might be over at my kitchen garden blog, where I tend to get carried away.
My new goal for that site is to get back to writing shorter, much more frequent posts, and yesterday, along with a few pictures of my favorite garden pest, I offered an ambitious list of the many subjects I'm hoping to tackle in the coming weeks, along with lots of links to timely previous posts and a few suggestions on what you can be doing now in the garden (hint: prep some soil for starting seeds). Summer may be over for some, but there's still lots to do and plant, and I've got plenty of plans for fall. If you're a gardener or a wannabe gardener, we'd love to have you join us!


  1. I havent got to read your blogs this week I have been really busy. I have enjoyed them all today. I like your little donkeys and the doggies rolling they look like they are laughing at each other. The ittie bitty kitty committee is cute. I am going back to read some more thanks for the dose of laughter and good reading.

  2. Looks like someone got left out of that chow-down... the little one on the right in the third pic is very cute. Doesn't seem to mind waiting his turn.


  3. The little ones are sooo cute! Gus reminds me of Dan.


  4. I've probably posted this a dozen times...I love donkeys! They are THE cutest. The babies are just adorable. I can't get enough! I recently bought a donkey cookie cutter, so I"ll have to see what I can make with that!


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