Monday, September 27

Monday Farm Photo: White Tee Shirt Day

White Tee Shirt Day

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©, the fresh and clean foodie farm blog where if you've ever looked at paint color chips, you know that there are approximately 43,000 versions of white available. Around here, we tend toward one called Not Quite White. There's nothing like a few hours hanging on the line in the bright sun to bleach out lingering spots on laundry, but there's also nothing like dirty farm duds.

Washing our clothes is not just a chore, it's a challenge, and thankfully one I don't mind doing, although sometimes—usually after a six load marathon session that hasn't made much of a dent—I wonder how it is physically possible for two people who aren't into fashion and 100+ critters who run around naked to create this much dirty laundry all the time. Because our old dryer is down to only one heat setting—flame—when the weather is bad, the laundry really starts to pile up. Once it is washed, we judge it by what Joe refers to as the sniff test—it may not look clean, but it always smells clean. And fortunately the animals don't seem to mind the spots.


  1. The line is a great thing. I have the same challenge, I wonder how 2 adults with just a cat & smallish dog can generate so much laundry! BTW - for anyone who has a spouse that begs for a pool table, get one. Pool tables are GREAT for folding laundry, tons of room for all the piles :)

  2. I fully understand the loads of clothes generated by being in the country!

  3. I imagine it's similar to the loads and loads generated by a small infant. How can one little body get so many clothes dirty? It's all in how they're used...

  4. It was a family tradition to wash clothes and hang them out to dry every Monday. My grandfather handmade the wooden poles that would hold up the larger items. When I smell sheets that have dried outside, it takes me right back to my childhood.

    Karen in Virginia

  5. Same here, we just moved "to the country" and every white t-shirt we own (which is quite a lot) is stained. But they SMELL clean when we put them on.

    Can an oldtimer give you a little t-shirt hanging advice, though?

    If you hang them folded over the line so that the armpits are at the level of the line -- you can put your clothespins at the armpits! LOL The bottoms don't stretch out that way.

    I enjoy your blog. --Ilene

  6. What a great t-shirt hanging tip from Ilene!!! Don't you just love the internet and all it's possiblities (at least the good ones!)

    Clotheslines make me remember my mom hanging sheets on the line - does anything smell better?

  7. I think there is a reverse laundry fairy. They bring in dirty and take out clean. It is a conspiracy. Love the clothes line.

  8. I love the white t-shirts. There are never-ending laundry cycle here too! ;)

  9. I love this photo, too! Ahhhh, the good old days, when most everyone hung their clothes outside unless it was the middle of winter!

  10. I despair of my husband's white undershirts. As soon as I buy him new ones, ostensibly to wear when he has to go to court and other Lawyerly Places, he wears them to do something like cut firewood and they gets all stained and greasy. He absolutely cannot grasp the concept of different shirts for manual labor and law labor. And the sun is not enough to make them presentable again.


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