Friday, August 12

Daily Farm Photo: 8/12/05

Hornet Nest Under Construction


  1. Incredible picture.

  2. Gives me the shivers just looking at it!

  3. I was about 12. I was learning how to fire a shotgun. the kickback landed me in a hornets nest. everything in slow motion. first it all stopped. I heard this very loud soft crunch. I was very confused and then I looked at my best friend David's face. RUN! he screamed. my legs moved under me like a cartoon: first in circes then a bolt. down a steep hill, a zig-zag of a road, faster than I had ever run in my life. I could hear the sound behind me. a deafening and deadly ZZZZZZZZZZ. they had formed an actual arrow, pointed at Me. the house was in front of me. I folded my arms against my chest and ran into the screen door,falling on the floor of the kitchen. the door slammed behind me and I looked up to see hundreds of hornets slam like bullets into the screen, denting it. and then at my right foot, a hundred stinging me over and over. then blackness.

  4. i thought it was a nice picture til I read Shuna's scary story.

  5. That nest is a work of art...looks like sculpture.

  6. i mean still it is a nice pic - but with dark sinister overtones

  7. Some have theorized that seeing wasps make their "paper" houses is what inspired the talking mammals (humans) to first make paper. Wonderful photo.

  8. It looks like a shell but I know I definitely do not want to meet any of them hornets after reading shuna's experience.

  9. Hi Mijo,
    Thank you!

    Hi Nic,
    I totally understand. It's okay, though--it's just a picture. Well, for you at least. : )

    Hi Shuna,
    Most kids grow up with cartoons. I'm pretty sure you grew up in one.

    You are a wonderful storyteller. Will you write my blog for me? : )

    Hi Sam,
    Re comment #1: I know exactly what you mean!

    Hi Leigh,
    It is definitely a work of art. I just stare and stare at it in wonder. Kind of like bird nests (which I collect), only even more amazing.

    I know that the really large, cone-shaped hornet nests are prized by collectors. They are covered with shellac (or something like that) to preserve them and sell for hundreds of dollars--basically as sculpture. Not exactly my taste in decorating. . .

    I don't know much about hornets. I have been told they eat flies (always a good thing). I have also been assured over and over that you really have to piss them off before they'll do anything to you (see Shuna's story above). Very good to know since that nest is underneath the little tin overhang just outside the back door of the house!

    What I don't understand (and should really research) is that, from what I can tell, this nest will be complete right about the time the weather freezes and kills the hornets!

    Re comment #2: You just perfectly described The Doodle Monster!

    Hi Pablo,
    Fascinating! Yep, I definitely need to do some hornet research.

    Hi Boo,
    I believe it is possible to live a full and happy life without ever meeting a single hornet. And I have a feeling Shuna would agree! : )


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