Monday, August 8

Daily Farm Photo: 8/8/05

Show & Tell: What I Did This Weekend


  1. SO impressed. Especially by those pretty white ones with slashes - mine never turn out like that. Hurry up with that bread school, will ya? ;)

  2. Hi Girls,
    I was afraid that posting this photo might lead to subtle inquiries regarding the rest of those bread baking tips I keep promising. I really am sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience. I honestly meant to post them the next day!

    I just wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to do the first five things on the list before I overwhelmed them with the rest of the tips.

    Hmmm. That sounded pretty good, didn't it? : )

    Coming soon? Yes. Definitely. Soon!

    P.S. Anne, at least you can bake an emergency chocolate cake while you're waiting. I did get that one up pretty quickly after the "coming soon" teaser! : )

  3. oh very pretty... R and i declared 2004 the "year of the bread" in our new years resolutions that year. we didn't make one loaf! i think we were too intimidated. maybe we can declare that for 2006 now that i can get tips from you! :) mav

  4. I baked the emergency chocolate cake and it was wonderful. Adam wanted to eat the whole cake. It was quick and easy to make too.

  5. Bread School? Can I enroll? I tried to bake bread once and it was a total failure. Too scared to try again but I am feeling a tinge of "I want to try again" after seeing your lovely pixs of your bread.

  6. I am just waiting for the announcement regarding Farmgirl's "Residential Bread Scool" [with evening entertainment by Cowboys & Hunky Farmers included ]

  7. Hi Mav,
    Thanks. How sad that your Year Of The Bread was loafless! Yes, you must definitely declare a repeat for 2006--but start practicing NOW! : )

    I was thinking about you over the weekend and wondering how the caked turned out. So happy it was a success! And I can definitely relate to Adam's response. : )

    See? You're not ready for the rest of the tips yet anyway. : )

    Hi Boo,
    No, there is no actual bread school (though that rumor seems to be spreading fairly quickly), just a (half-finished) post from me about bread baking tips. Don't let one failure scare you off! Try, try again! There is absolutely nothing that compares to freshly baked bread! : )

    Uh oh! She's baaaack! Hi Sam,
    I swear you are so going to get me kicked off blogger!

    Does sound like fun, though. : )


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