Tuesday, August 2

Daily Farm Photo: 8/2/05

Lucky Buddy Bear


  1. Hello
    I have just discovered your blog.
    I like your pictures.
    I like the way you changed radically your life. I like how you speak about your life in the farm.

  2. Mijo,
    Thank you so much. Hello to you, too, and welcome to the farm!

  3. Now that you have let the cat out of the bag, I am waiting very patiently for Hunky Farmer pin-up of the day.

  4. Thanks, Clare! I think he's pretty darn cute myself, especially when he's upside down and hoping for a tummy rub.

    LOL Sam, I am cracking up. What's too funny is that I really do use the word "hunky"--that's what made Tana's comment so especially perfect (and why I couldn't resist leaving that response). I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, did you catch this one? Not a close-up, but do you get to see him in action. : )
    Daily Farm Photo 6/29/05
    Thanks for the laughs!

    P.S. For anyone who is wondering what this is all about, click here.

  5. that's no good - he's got his shirt on


    and no I cant sleep grrrrrrr

  7. Please Note:
    The Administrator of this site is unable to comment properly as she cannot stop laughing her ass off (not to worry; the donkey is fine).

    P.S. Okay, just settle down there, girls. Breathe, breathe. . .

    P.P.S. Talk about letting the cat out of the bag, Clare! : )

  8. I love this photo. Could he be any cuter?

  9. awww... so adorable. My cats do this sometimes. :)

  10. I also want a pix of the hunky farmer you mentioned! Please please!

    The doggie is so cute, I can never resist them when they do that upside down pose of theirs and ask for a tummy rub.

  11. Hi Leigh,
    Thanks so much. And yes, amazingly enough, he actually can be cuter. (Next time I will show him right side up.) Cute goes a long way around here! : )

    Hi Kristi,
    Thanks to you, too. Bear is a real sweetie (and a hard worker). One of my cats, Twin, used to literally live in that upside down position. She was rather, well, fat, and I think it was the most comfortable way for her to relax! It was pretty hysterical. You'd walk around the corner and there she'd be--all four paws straight up in the air, fast asleep. I always had to check to make sure she wasn't dead. She's slimmed down a bit, so she spends a lot of time upright now.

    Oh Boo,
    Not you, too!? You girls are going to get me in sooo much trouble! : )

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. No, Sam, I don't think that doggie is wearing a shirt. (Are we looking at different photos? Heh.)

  14. What a cute picture Susan! It just reminded me of past weekends parental road trip (is that the term?), including some farmland experiences - will post about it soon.

    Looking at the photo I start regretting the fact that we live in the city center, where it is almost impossible (we both have to leave for work) to properly raise a dog and give it the space it needs...although we'd love to!!

  15. Oh, Baby Bear!

    You have this cute thing down to a SCIENCE! Have you been sharing secrets with Troy? Your Auntie BB is on her way in October to rub that tummy and fill it with TONS of treats!

  16. Hi,

    Stumbled upon your blog through a link in another. That is one cute and happy looking dog!!

    -Makan Kings-


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