Wednesday, August 24

Daily Farm Photo: 8/24/05

Lucky 13 Is First Out Of The Barn Nearly Every Morning


  1. Looks like one of Sadie's granddaughters...and apparently, acts like her too.

  2. Hi Dave,
    LOL, I just checked my records. Lucky 13 (who was born in 2004) is Zelda's daughter and Frederica's granddaughter. She is very sweet and calm and definitely doesn't want to kill me like Frederica does. I guess she inherited all those traits from her dad!

    She's a little on the small side, but I said the other day we need to keep her around because when nobody wants to go out in the morning, you can count on her to get the flock moving! : )

  3. Very cute! Do you have any goats? I've always dreamed of raising goats, but living right on Main Street, in a small village, with 1/3 of an acre plot...well...obviously it's not going to happen.

  4. Hi Alice,
    Welcome to the farm! My apologies for not responding to your comment much sooner. No, we don't have any goats, but I think we are practically the only people around who don't! Goats have become very popular here over the last several years for three reasons: 1)They would rather eat brush and tall weeds than grass (a goat will starve to death on a pasture of short grass) so they are great for naturally clearing out overgrown fields, etc. (rather than spraying them with toxic chemicals or burning) 2)There is an livestock market somewhere in the area that buys goats to be sold for meat in Mexico so people have a place to sell their goats at a fair price 3)Cattle ranchers are realizing that they can actually make a profit raising goats--as opposed to a loss raising cattle! Personally, I prefer my sheep, but they seem to have a sort of "sissy" reputation--not a manly thing to raise. Why little goats are okay, though, is beyond me! : )

    With 1/3 of an acre, you might be able to accommodate a goat or two, but probably not on Main Street! : )


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