Saturday, August 20

Daily Farm Photo: 8/20/05


Attention Cat Lovers! It's time for Weekend Cat Blogging #11!
Food Bloggers around the world unite each week and share pictures of our favorite felines. See cute cat photos and discover yummy food blogs. We'd love to have you join us. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare at Eat Stuff and add a "Weekend Cat Blogging" tag to your post.

This week check out:
Kiri enjoying the great outdoors
at Eat Stuff in Australia
Bella & Tasha at A Few Of My Favourite Things in Australia
Kelly at Annes Food in Sweden
Gideon Greve at A Cat In The Kitchen in Sweden

Miles, a big orange boy, at My Adventures in the Breadbox
Indrid at Tigers & Strawberries in Ohio
Boo's picture of her favourite orange kitten at Masak Masak in Malaysia
Culinary Abe at Restaurant Widow in Ohio
Tsar lying in his basket at Cook and Eat in Australia
Callie and Nick takin' a nap at Sweetnicks in New England


  1. Smudge is adorable ! Super photo !

  2. oooo, smudge is so cute and looks a bit like boo. Cool name too.

  3. Hi Leigh,
    Thanks so much. Smudge is a real sweetie pie. He has claimed the covered porch off the kitchen as his territory and pretty much stays there about 95% of the time. He hangs out on his little rug on top of one of the chest freezers and waits for me to come out and pet him.

    Hi boo,
    Thank you,too. Smudge got his name from that little smudge of color by his nose. I usually call him Smudgie or Little Smudge Pot (all of our cats seem to acquire several different names), but Joe calls him Fluffernutter because he's so fluffy. You should see him in winter when he turns into a Superfluff. Gorgeous!

  4. I thought Smudge had gotten his name from falling into a pan of oil once?

  5. Hi Dave,
    I was thinking about that pan of oil yesterday when I posted this photo. I couldn't remember if it was Smudge or his sister Hi Precious who somehow fell into it. I do clearly remember holding whichever kitten it was under the bathroom sink faucet with one hand and vigorously scrubbing its coat with the other. What a mess. Whoever it was eventually came clean!

    I thought Smudge had already been named before the oil spill. He definitely has had that little smudge on his face since birth.

  6. Superfluff sounds like a nice name too. Occasionally, we call Boo, "the Rug" in the same tone as "the Rock"! She looks like one as she is also fluffy and has short legs. When she runs, it looks like a moving fluffy rug.

  7. Such a lovely photo!

  8. Smudge looks very much like the maine coon mix we adopted before Christmas. Is he a maine coon?


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