Monday, August 22

Daily Farm Photo: 8/22/05

Heart Rocks By The Barn

Happy Birthday To My Mom!


  1. Those heart rocks are soooooooo cute!
    where do they come from.

    Happy B'day FG's mummy!

  2. Are those found rocks! They look great on the window sill.

    Happy Birthday to Farmgirl's Mom!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom too from Paris! She is obviously an amazing woman - to have such an inspiring daughter. Those heart rocks brought on yet another Farmgirl Fare grin! Thanks!

  4. Happy Birthday to FG's mum! I love those heart rocks.

  5. Hi Everybody,
    I forgot my mum and her sweetheart are out galavanting around California in their Volkswagon camper this week. Won't she be surprised when she comes home to find all these sweet birthday wishes?! Thank you for sending them!

    As for the heart rocks--that is one advantage to living where the soil is very rocky. I found all of these rocks either here on the farm or on the ridge above the property where we walk each day.

    I am absolutely in love with my heart rocks. I don't go purposely looking for them; it's more like they just pop out and reveal themselves to me. I have at least a couple dozen in all shapes and sizes, including a huge white one in the garden that marks the grave of my dear, sweet Hansel cat.

    If you haven't yet, click on "Heart Rocks" in the caption to see an earlier photo I posted of some of them.

    When I lived in the city, I spent years scouring antiques malls and flea markets, collecting everything from bakelite jewelry and vintage tablecloths to Viewmasters and Art Deco chrome. Now I collect heart rocks and bird nests. I find them just as beautifully designed--and free! : )

  6. With one day late, happy birthday to your mom.

    I hope one day you will make a picture of all the bird's nests you found. Certain nests can be beautiful, others with a lot of mess or well arranged, cosy, dirty, precarious, functional or welcoming as our houses!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Susan's Mom. I love the heart rocks. There is a photographer who takes photos of hearts in nature. He or she ( I will have to look him or her up ) has a line of cards and prints ... they are very cool.

    Will write you soon...busy getting my store together...I have a goal of the "grand opening " for Sept. 2. Hugs to all at the farm.

  8. that's so cute! Happy Birthday, Mrs FG Mom!!!

  9. Thanks for even more happy birthday wishes for my mom!

    Hi Mijo,
    I will definitely take some pictures of my bird nests. It is amazing how intricately they are constructed. And each one is unique. But we do have a special building material available here that nearly all the birds love to use. . .

    Hi Leigh,
    I'd love to see that "heart" artist's work. And I can't wait until your online store is open. So exciting!

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks. I always say that, if nothing else, we do "cute" very well around here! : )

  10. Ooops...meant to post my comment here, but I think I posted it under your other "heart rocks" post. Anyway, Rick Ruggles is the photographer mentioned above, and I left his website address on the other post.

  11. Hi Alice,
    Thanks! Rick Ruggles' work is wonderful. I think this must be the artist Leigh mentioned in her comment. I especially liked the heart-shaped clouds. Mesmerizing! What a perfect wedding present your poster was!

    Note to anyone reading this: if you heart hearts, head over to Found Hearts and have a look!

  12. I am recently engaged. My fiance and I have been together for 8 1/2 years and we have traveled together to many places throughout the world. Heart shaped leaves, flowers, rocks, and many other heart shaped objects in nature have always popped out at us. We would love to use heart shaped rocks as place holders at our small wedding. We would write each of our guests name on a heart and place it at their seat. Any suggestions where to find them? Do you know anyone willing to sell heart shaped natural rocks? THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi Anonymous,
    I love the idea of heart shaped rocks as place holders at your wedding. Unfortunately I have no idea where you might buy some. Did you try a google search? If you do locate some, keep in mind that if they don't have a fairly smooth surface they will be difficult to write on. I know I saw some heart shaped rocks in a magazine article about a garden gift store (years ago), but they were very smooth and polished and no doubt "carved." They were still very nice, though.

    Best of luck with your search. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! : )

  14. I have quite a collection of heart rocks if you are interesed, also many ideas like yours. Maybe we could talk! I have a great story that started my collection. And it continues to grow!


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