Thursday, August 4

Daily Farm Photo: 8/4/05

Surprise Lilies Are Also Known As Naked Ladies


  1. I just published a post that, as a baker and cat lover, I thought you might enjoy.


  2. Farmgirl is just dangling a carrot in front of us asses by telling us lillies are also called naked ladies. Hmmph. I am not going to bite this time. ;)

    And no - we don't want pictures of naked ladies, we want hunky farmers! Puhleeeeease!

  3. You have some randy readers farmgirl. They may start to revolt if they don't get what they want (which is hunky cowboys obviously & chocolate!)

  4. Okay Ladies,
    I'm working on it, I'm working on it! Totally Embarrassed Hunky Farmer is at the gym right now. . . : )

    Meanwhile, you won't believe the two gorgeous studs who just showed up here today. And I know, I know, you at least need some chocolate cake. I planned to have the recipe posted by now, but trust me, you would have stopped what you were doing for these guys, too. . . : )

    Downloading photos now. Will post SOON--I promise!

  5. P.S. They really are also called Naked Ladies! Really!

  6. Farmgirl just emailed me privately to let me know she was left a little breathless by her surprise visitors.

    Sounds to me like she's been riding those gorgeous studs. I hope she went easy on them.

  7. ooo, hunky cowboy, studs, naked ladies and choc cake! Sounds like Missouri is the place to be.

  8. Okay Boo,
    You win! Best comment yet! LOL!!!!! I love it! Nobody ever says Missouri is the place to be! : )

    (As she types between bites of late supper: homegrown beef and salad of freshly picked red Russian kale, nero di toscana cabbage, lemon cucumbers, and dragon langerie beans)

  9. Love it here on the farm. You never know who is going to show up and what you are going to see or hear.


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