Wednesday, August 31

Daily Farm Photo: 8/31/05

Each Bale Is Handled Four Or Five Times Between Field & Barn


  1. This is a farm skyscraper!

  2. What about your back, yours arms, yours knees ?!!!

  3. Wow-that's a lot of hay! I'm just back from vacation, and I see you've completed your bread tips. I am so excited! I may put them to use as soon as this weekend. Thanks so much for helping us novice bread bakers. :)

  4. Hi Cherrybegonia,
    Farm skyscraper--I like that! The bales of hay are sort of like big building blocks--big, heavy building blocks. And if you don't stack them just right, well, two frolicking dogs can knock the whole thing down--or at least do major structural damage. : )

    Hi Amy,
    Yes, putting up hay is quite a job--especially since we did it twice this year instead of just once! But I feel so much better now that we have plenty of food for the sheepsies to eat this winter--and I won't have to sell half of the flock! : )

    Hi Mijo,
    You've just described why I haven't responded to comments lately--haying recovery! : )

    Hi Kristi,
    Yep, that is a lot of hay. We put up about 800 bales this year. About 100 bales will fit on that trailer.

    I'm so glad you're excited about the Bread Tips. Have fun baking!


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