Wednesday, August 3

Daily Farm Photo 8/3/05:
A Big Serving of Tranquility on the Menu

Breakfast Under The Mist


  1. Oh WOW that is soooo pretty!!!!!


    It would be even better with a hunky farmer or cute cowboy in it *grin*

  2. Oh my, starting early today are we, Miss Clare? : )

    A lovely good morning/good night to you! Glad you like the photo. I hope the sheep are visible. They kind of disappeared (into the mist? ha ha) when the picture shrunk down for the post.

  3. yes the sheepies are there and oh so cute ;)

    I just though you might like something to giggle over while you get clomping and tend to your flock!

  4. Wow-I'd like to take a walk under that mist. Can I come live with you? LOL.

  5. Morning mist before beautiful summer day ? Or mist for the whole day with cold, humidity. If it's the case, you will have to wind around a sheep to warm yourself!!!

  6. Your comment on Mijo's blog makes me come to visit your blog.
    What a lovely place, misty day ....just like the mist over my rain forest after a big shower.
    Will come back soon.

  7. you ate the sheep for breakfast?

    (or did you eat the cowboy - which is why we can't see him?)

  8. shhhh
    don't say that sam cause the hunky farmer might get too jealous ;)

  9. Lovely mist but I agree with everyone that a pix of a hunky farmer will be great too.

  10. Kristi,
    That's just what the dogs and I were doing--heading out for our morning walk.

    Hi Mijo,
    That lovely mist burns off rather quickly when the summer sun hits it each morning. Then it's hot and humid for the rest of the day. We are very fortunate, though, because during summer dry spells (like we're having now) all of that nightly moisture is greedily absorbed by the grasses and plants and trees. It literally keeps them from drying out and burning up.

    A day so cold I need to wrap myself around a sheep to keep warm? What a pleasant thought! : )

    Thanks, Amy. Bu did you look real closely at the photo?
    Are you sure there's no cowboy in there? : )

    Hi Brigitte,
    Welcome to the farm! So glad you stopped by for a visit!

    Note to Sam:
    The Administrator of this site politely refuses to discuss her breakfast at this time (and not only because she can't stop laughing).

    Clare & Boo,
    You two are as bad as Sam. I love it! : )

  11. ooooh, i love this photo. just catching up... very very pretty, mav


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