Saturday, August 6

Looking at Late Night Gratitude

A Gorgeous End To A Lovely Day

Last October, a friend and I decided to begin keeping gratitude journals. We also started e-mailing each other our entries. This very simple act can have profound results. You simply write down five (or more) things that you are grateful for that day. Sometimes they gush out by the dozen, and sometimes you really have to think hard to come up with five. Either way, most of the time the entries end up being about very small things in our lives, rather than big events. But aren't those the ones that mean the most to us? That affect our daily lives and outlook the most?

Today was just a really nice day for me. Nothing exceptional or spectacular happened. There were simply several little things that, when added up, made it the kind of day that suddenly permeates every cell in your self and makes you feel joyful and very alive--and grateful to be so.

I took this photo earlier in the evening, and when I saw how it came out, that was the clincher. I decided I would share this photo and write a brief post about my day. It would simply be my gratitude journal entry. And so, today I am grateful. . .

1. For the luxury of sleeping in and yet still enjoying a pleasant morning walk because last night's (much needed) rainstorm had cooled the morning air. And for making it home just minutes before another thunderstorm dropped almost two more inches of rain on us over the next several hours.

2. For deciding to visit two of my favorite food blogs (Eggbeater and Delicious Days) and discovering that each of their most recent posts mentioned me! I was overwhelmed with surprise and absolutely flattered that these people whom I greatly admire find inspiration in what I am doing.

3. That it was cool enough to turn on the oven and bake two big batches of cookies to replenish our dwindling supply in the freezer. And that even though I was forced to change one recipe due to four-footed interference, the cookies not only came out better than ever, but while they were baking I managed to turn the experience into a story that was almost entirely written by the time the cookies were done.

4. For being late tucking in the sheep, because when I finally walked outside I was greeted by this magnificent sunset sky. For leaning my head so far back to take the pictures that I was able to see three, four, no five little bats circling high above me. And for perfect timing. I ran inside and grabbed the camera, took three pictures, returned the camera to the house, and when I walked back outside there was absolutely no sign that pink sky had ever been there.
5. For strolling out to the front gate after taking care of the animals and having our own personal bat escorts, who darted back and forth just over our heads, gobbling up all of the biting insects before they could reach us. And for being sweetly serenaded as we walked by the frogs and the cicadas and the crickets and all of the other summertime crooners while the thick evening mist slowly wrapped itself around us.
6. That it is bedtime, and for the thought of sweet dreams and restful sleep--and the promise of a wonderful tomorrow.


  1. I love this post. It was a wonderful read first thing in the morning!


  2. Dear Susan, I have got acquainted to you respecively your site by the recent deliciousdays post, and farmgirltale at once has become one of my favourites ! I do love your photos, very charming indeed, and your posts are so beautifully written. Very inspiring ! When I was a young girl (rather long ago !) I spent several weeks with friends at a farm in Pennsylvania, and I love memories coming back by reading your site... and I feel so enthusiastic about your choice - and that you write about it. I am now a bit in a hurry, I have (no, want to..) prepare a very special Sunday dinner, "La Traviata" from Salzburg festival is on TV today and we want to celebrate looking at this by having something very special at table before, but maybe tomorrow I will time to browse all of your site. I am going to launch my own foodblog next week, If you don't mind I will give you a note. And please do not forget to pat Lucky Buddy Bear once for me, respectively here comes a doggie greeting from Gino, my beloved Golden Retriever. Kind regard from Vienna/Austria angelika

  3. Hi Anne,
    Thanks so much. I was wavering a bit over whether I should post this or not--now I know I made the right decision!

    Hi Angelika,
    Welcome to the farm! I'm so glad you found us. Thanks for the lovely comment and all your kind words. I hope your dinner is absolutely scrumptious (I'm sure it will be), and I look forward to hearing more about your new food blog. Best wishes to you and Gino!

    P.S. Just one little pat for Lucky Buddy Bear? : )

  4. WOW!!!!!
    what a great story and a great sunset!

  5. thank you and you are welcome!

    me, I am grateful for the line "tucking in the sheep." beautiful.

  6. great post ... thanks for making me think! cheers!! mav

  7. Thanks for the post as it made me think a bit about life which I so rarely do.

  8. I walked my dogs in the woods this morning in the cool and was feeling "up" but the good mood was broken by a couple of really selfish drivers.
    Your post reminded me that I have many things to be grateful for and that in the grand scheme of things bad drivers don't count for much...
    So a big thank you....

  9. This is beautiful, very well put how little moments contain so much life sustaining joy!


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