Saturday, August 13

Daily Farm Photo: 8/13/05

New Cat In The Cat Cabin


  1. He must have been nervous. His tails all fluffy!

  2. so sweet ... i love orange cats! hope your weekend is going well... mav

  3. Sweet new cat :) He is such a cutie. I can't wait to see him in winter with his fluffy coat. Hope all is well with you. I am going to email you early in the week...husband's having surgery (nothing too serious) on Monday...must get the house together and organized for his 2 week recovery. I think I will make your chocolate cake to help with his recovery. Hugs to all.

  4. Hi geekwif,
    Hmmmm. Maybe this photo looks different on your screen--I've looked and looked and can't see his tail. I know it's a very dark picture; I did that on purpose. Or maybe you're teasing and it's going right over my head! : )

    Hi mav,
    Thanks. Always nice to hear from you. Yes, there is something special about orange cats. And New Cat has this white "cotton puff" at the end of his tail--too cute. : )

    Hi Leigh,
    Yes, New Cat looks totally different in the winter. It's pretty neat seeing cats change with the seasons, especially in the spring when you suddenly realize they've put on their light summer suits!

    Sending good thoughts to you and Adam. Hope everything goes well. Looking forward to hearing from you. And yes, I think chocolate cake can definitely help with any kind of recovery! : )

  5. hey geekwif. i see his fluffy tail too right on the left side of screen, so mybe farmgirl needs a new computer or maybe she was just teasing you.

  6. The new computer should hopefully be completely set up today! : )

  7. Actually, his tail is just to the left of his ear. Or maybe it's something else behind him and I'm misinterpreting it. I dunno, looks like a fluffy kitty tail to me! :-)


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