Sunday, December 11

Daily Farm Photo: 12/11/05

Firewood Getting Low. Ever Cut In The Snow? (I have!)


  1. Us city-folk would just call someone for a half-cord of wood...people actually chop it? By hand? Eewwww. :p

  2. hrm.... i need a wood stove. i want to chop wood for a fire... its good hard work that keeps you young and limber.

  3. When I see all these pics..just love the life your are leading in your farm.You are fortunate..blessed!

  4. How quickly do you go through a cord? We are considering getting a wood-burning stove next year, but I sense that there may be actual work involved. ;-)

  5. Firewood:) Love it. What a wintery paradise you must be living in now. It snowed here on Friday-like really snowed-and it was so beautiful. Whenever it's forecasted to snow here in the city it never really does.

  6. Hi Jeff,
    Wimp. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Have fun chopping! : )

    Hi Sailu,
    Every day I'm grateful for so many things about living here.

    Hi Jamie,
    Hmmmm. How quickly do we go through a cord of wood? That's hard to say. I'd estimate we use about 10 cords during the winter, but Joe would say it's more (and if it is, I don't want to know).

    However, we have a fairly inefficient woodstove and live in a very old house that has a tin roof and no insulation. (If it weren't for the fact that we get such a workout hauling around firewood, we'd probably be cold all the time. : )

    In the new building that is under construction (which will house our bread bakery along with us in an apartment above the bakery), we have installed a massive Charmaster wood furnace. We'll be heating a much larger space, much more efficiently (can you say 'central heat?' Yippee!) and figure we will be using 50% or more less wood than we do now. Yes, we are extremely excited.

    Um, did that help at all? Bottom line is yes, there is actual work involved--even if you buy the wood. But the amount really depends on your situation. For example, not only will the new furnace be much more efficient, but it only has to be loaded with wood about every 12 hours. As opposed to now, where we are constantly checking the fire and have to put wood in every couple of hours (24 hours a day). : )

    Hi Mona,
    So nice to hear from you. I bet NYC is beautiful right after a big snow.

    Hi Liselotte,
    Ten minutes at the farm and you're raring to go? That's so neat. : )

    Hi Amy,


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