Sunday, December 18

Daily Farm Photo: 12/18/05

Do You Think She's Been Stolen?

No, I haven't been stolen. Just busy. You know how dogs are. They don't see you for a few hours and think you've been missing for days.

I am, however, supposed to be baking stollen--and so are you. That's right. My pal Clare at
Eat Stuff (note the new address!) in Australia has issued a worldwide baking challenge. She is daring everyone to try their hand at making this delicious (and easy) classic German Christmas cake. Then write about it and send Clare your permalink so she can include it in the roundup. If you're not a blogger, make your stollen anyway, and let us know how it came out.

here for Clare's recipe (scroll down)--or use a recipe of your choice. Click here to see a photo of the gorgeous stollen Baking Soda in Holland made with her Dutch recipe. Since this one was gobbled up in only two days, she's going to make another one and write about it in English this time, so be sure to check back in at Bake My Day.

This traditional Christmas recipe tastes better if it has been "aged" for a while, so, as Clare put it, "Go on, get baking. What are you waiting for?" As for me, after Kitchenmage's speculation that I've been busy baking something chocolate, and then receiving an incredible sounding recipe for double chocolate cookies this morning from Heather, I may take these as signs and buck tradition slightly. Chocolate stollen, anyone?


  1. wow! it's been rather quiet on the farm blog! I am sure after the holidays in the next two weeks it will pick back up. I do look forward to seeing some more pictures of your furry long legged friends (llamas) soon!

    Those cookies I sent the recipe for are sooooo good. Chocolate stollen sounds good and I think I will look at the recipe and see what I am missing for it.

    I got a new "batt-ry" for my camcorder so we are back to taking photos again. Though I have more in my computer than I have managed to share in my blog!! Do you have that problem too? LOL

    Merry Christmas FG Susan!!

  2. Eyes puffed, throat sore, kleenex nearby, sounding like a trucker on too much coffee...but happy 'cause you mentioned my blog! Joepie! (dutch for Yay)... I hope my cold will be scared away by tomorrow, it's holiday baking time! Stollen and chocolate you say...hmmm....I see opportunities coming..

  3. Well, speculating about other's baking is so much less work than doing my own. LOL

  4. Aww ur the best ;)

    I miss you!!!!!!!


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