Thursday, December 8

First Snow!


  1. love the bucket load of snow LOL

  2. It looks so soft and yet wirey ~ what does snow feel like!

  3. missing the snow...great photos.. when do i see the ad GALLERY CURATOR etc what so ever.. I am sure I can be very useful. Just make sure you pics has the finest resolution so you can make good prints.

  4. Hi Clare & Amy,
    I really was drawn to that bucket photo. I love how the snow makes the mundane almost magical. The bucket, the top of a wooden post, my glove dropped in the snow because I was too busy taking pictures to bother with keeping my freezing fingers warm. . . suddenly they become art.

    Hi Abe/Happy,
    Hmmm. What does snow feel like? When it's freshly fallen, hardly anything. You can scoop up a handfill and it is light and airy and practically weightless, yet you can crush it together and form a ball. When snowflakes land on your tongue, they are just the tiniest, instantaneous taste of melting cool. When it is very, very cold after it has snowed, the fresh powder becomes loud and crunchy when you walk on it. When the sun has melted the snow during the day and the cold air has frozen it again in the night. . . it turns to slippery ice--and it feels extremely hard if you fall on it! Does that help at all? : )

    Hi Sha,
    Finest resolution for my pics? I guess I have a lot to learn about my new camera! Oooh prints. Won't that be fun. : )

  5. I am enjoying your lovely, lovely photos.

  6. Boy, I know that glove in the snow image. I've left my gloves here and there over the years, and sometimes I have found them. Other times the critters have found them first and gnawed them into uselessness (for me, anyway).

    P.S. I am so glad you blog!

  7. Hi Kathryn,
    Thanks so much and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Pablo,
    Ahhh yes, do I know about misplaced gloves. But if you look back at this one, you will realize it can't have been laying there for long, as it isn't covered with snow! Actually, I dropped it while I was taking one of the other photos, and I thought it looked kind of neat, so I just took a picture of it, too. : )

    P.S. Thank you!


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