Friday, December 23

Daily Farm Photo: 12/23/05

Just When I'd Given Up Hope

No, this egg was not laid by either of everyone's favorite hens,
Lindy & Whitey. It (and two others) were laid this week by Joe's 'thrifty' chickens (much to my embarrassment). My chickens are apparently too busy hacking into my computer and generally wreaking havoc. Oh, and they create original artwork, too. Who has time to lay an egg?

Speaking of hope and time, this is the last day to order from the
Menu For Hope. In only 10 days, food bloggers around the world have raised nearly $14,000 for the victims of the devastating Kashmir earthquake. There are over 65 amazing prizes up for grabs for just a $5 donation--including the honorary ownership of next spring's firstborn ewe lamb on my farm. So what are you waiting for? Click here to donate. And thank you all for your wonderful generosity.


  1. Your chickens told me laying eggs is so passe, and that they feel the need to do more with their lives.

    I admire their spirit.

  2. Like donating their ample bodies to adorn a christmas table? Speaking of spirits....a dash of whiskey massaged into..and some muscovado sugar rub?

  3. Thanks for the Menu of Hope info, and thanks for the biscotti recipe. I got around to making them last night, and they turned out delicious! My family thanks you, my friends thank you, and I thank you for adding some chocolate goodness to holiday gift baskets.

  4. Ample? AMPLE ?!!!!!!

    Statuesque, Ms. Baking Soda lady!

    The servant girl here can "donate" that bargain basement egg to "adorn" her Christmas table if it's so great.

    I know I speak for Whitey when I say that a truly fine egg cannot be rushed.

    A big fat Happy holidays to you, and stick to the prime rib, friends. Remember Chicken Little. You need the poultry on your side.

  5. I can not wait to get chickens. I am planning a major chicken wing tot he barn, but have heard so many horrible 'raccoons pulling chickens out of the fence" stories, that I am waiting until we have time this summer to do it right so I can sleep at nite.I am going to try your scone recipe.

  6. Lindy, what did you say? Poultry on the side?
    shhh I'm with you, it's all fishy dishes this Christmas..

  7. And Happy Holidays to all of you too! Enjoy friendship and family

  8. FG my vegetarian friend is arriving for 3 days no meat on my menu....

    anyhow is Lindy still looking matronly and wickedly elegant? ah chickens.....

  9. done i want the ewe hahhaa... I just gave yr url to a friend, she has gone gaga over the animals

  10. Side dish? I'm glad to hear you're having fish, B.Soda . That's my girl. Just remember, chicken is not a side dish.

    If we ever do find ourselves on the table (heaven forbid), we expect, as in life, to be the Main Event, not some penny ante garnish.

    This gal ain't no Parsley Sprig, thank you very much.

  11. I am opting to try the scone recipe tomorrow morning for brekkie -- and of course it will be a double batch because I have a bunch of piggies when it comes to fresh baked goods around here.

    Can I have that egg?? Promise to pick it up tomorrow early! LOL

  12. I would have chicken but my neighborhood has a "No barnyard animal rule", which is completely insane!

  13. Hi Farmgirl just popped by to wish you a **Merry Christmas**


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