Wednesday, December 14

Daily Farm Photo: 12/14/05

I Don't Know How I Survived The Baking Season Without These Racks

I snapped up this handy set of three tiered cooling racks last year for just ten dollars at
Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It's amazing what a difference a small amount of money can make sometimes. Did you know that you can help make a difference in someone's life for as little as five dollars? That's right. And you might even win a fabulous prize at the same time.
Just look over the incredible Menu For Hope that food bloggers from around the world have put together, choose whatever strikes your fancy, and then head to First Giving to make your donation. Each $5 donated entitles you to one virtual raffle ticket toward the prize of your choice. Please be sure to specify in the donation comment section which prize(s) you would like.
In just two days we have already raised over $4,000 to help support vicitms of the earthquake in Northern India and Pakistan. A little bit at a time quickly adds up to a very substantial sum. Please click here to read more about our Menu For Hope II Campaign and the little woolly prize I am donating to this very worthy cause. Thank you.


  1. Do you eat all this food?

  2. I was thinking this too!! I think donkey doodle dandy is getting some serious under the table treats...

  3. FG - do you need my mailing address - for the cookies?

  4. I hear you on the 3-tiered cooling racks, I just got some recently at Marshalls. Love them!

  5. I rolled reading the earlier comments! My thoughts were, "Does she own a bakery that she's not yet revealed???" ... there is no way even my crew as big as it is could eat all those yummy treats! Sheesh!! That's alot of food you have been fixing!

  6. Those racks are awesome!!
    I can't believe I've missed those. What a life savIOR!! haa;) Must invest must invest.

  7. If you do eat all these yummy foods, you must weigh, like, 5 billion pounds.

  8. OK, I need some of these as I have cookies covering every surface of my small kitchen. Thanks for the tip!

  9. where are the instructions for the cookies?

  10. Anonymous,
    Sorry, but I never actually posted the recipe. I do, however, have two versions of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that I'm hoping to post soon!

    In the meantime, if you want to make cookies similar to the ones in this photo, simply use your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe, scoop the dough out with a very small ice cream scoop, and as soon as the cookies come out of the oven, gently stick a Hershey's mini kiss into the top of each one. : )


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