Wednesday, December 7

Daily Farm Photo: 12/7/05

Still Life In Farmyard

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  1. this is really beautiful!
    I love the image

  2. this photo has a very good resolution... one day you will have a gallery..just attempted my first upside down cake.. i posted it on my blog.
    want a slice?maybe dan wants?

  3. hi farmgirl - haven't visited u for awhile (*embarrassed blush*) but I'm so totally in LOVE with your new REALLY CUTE BANNER - fantastic, how did u do it? did u paint it yourself and uploaded after photoshopping?

  4. think I will apply as the farm's curator ;-) and have dan on my side singing hahahha

  5. Wow... you really have the artist's eye.

  6. Hi Wendy & Kelly,
    Thank you!

    Hi Chanit,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Sha,
    Your upside down pear cake looked awesome. I was dying for a warm slice last night with some really good vanilla ice cream. (No, Dan can't have cake; I'll eat his piece, too,thank you. : )

    Your newly re-done blog is fabulous. I still can't figure out how the header keeps changing, but I love it!

    Hi Alisha,
    You are absolutely correct! Only I don't actually use those. I admire them hanging there, and then I pick up the bales by wrapping my gloved hands around the baling twine that holds them together. Let me know if you figure out how to use them. : )

    Hi Eatzycath,
    No need to be embarrassed for not visiting lately. We will be here when you make it by. (And I should be the Queen of Super Embarrassment as I am SO behind on visiting all the blogs I love.)

    As for the new banner, I'm so glad you like it. Oh, it was much easier than you think. I simply had somebody else create it for me--Liselotte Weller, a wonderful illustrator in Denmark. Click here to see examples of her delightful illustrations and find out how you can have her create a unique piece of artwork especially for you. : )

    Hi Sha,
    She's back again! : ) Oh, is that what you call what Dan does--singing? Hmmmmm. : )

    Hi Diningdica,
    Thanks so much. : )


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