Thursday, December 8

Daily Farm Photo: 12/8/05

Same Scene, New View: This Was Yesterday Afternoon

And This Was An Hour Ago

Click here to see the October & November views.

Guess what? Both of these photos were taken with
my new camera! Perfect timing, too, as we definitely won't be seeing the UPS driver for a few days. Thanks again to all of you who kindly answered my desperate Yelp For Help last week. I couldn't have decided on this new camera so quickly without you, and so far I just love it.

I'll probably post some more pictures later today. But now that I've defrosted, it's time to head back outside to frolic in the snow with the dogs (the only real reason to have snow). That is, if I can tear a loudly snoring Robin away from the woodstove. . .



    Gee those pics are crisp and colourful!

    Everthing obviously worked out for the best!

    I can't wait for a food shot ;) I bet that will appear soon :P

  2. Yay! Congrats on the new camera! Great pics already! But BRRRRR!! How cold does that look?

    Snow = Evilness... =:0

    Have fun frolicing with the dogs - we'll watch from the warmth of Phoeinx :)

  3. Doesn't look like you had as much snow as we did here in Kansas City. I'm one of the few foolish enough to make it in to work today. (Notice how hard I'm working?)

    Still, that swing shot would sure look better with you in a long cotton dress, a straw hat, and your long golden tresses flowing out behind you. Seems like your new camera ought to be able to work that out.

  4. Hi Clare,
    Today is definitely a good day for baking, so hopefully I'll have a chance to see how the camera does with food shots. : )

    Hi Jeff,
    'How cold does that look?' Not as cold as it is supposed to get tonight--ZERO. Yes, that would be Farenheit. I need to do some prepping to get ready for this. So far no signs of Robin waking up and wanting to frolic anyway. : )

    Hi Pablo,
    LOLOLOL! You really got me on that one. And I have to admire your persistence. So would you settle for Carhart insulated coveralls, polarfleece, and my authentic German military cap with the fold down ear flaps? Oh yes, I am just the height of farm fashion. : )

    P.S. It's still snowing here so maybe we'll catch up to you.

  5. Even here near the beach we still get snow, which I never thought about until we moved there 12 years ago. Now that I have seen your pictures, I need to make a fire! It's 32 here and I am trying to hard to do layers, even in the house. I hope you stay warm. I love those Elmer Fudd hats. They are so funny!

  6. I can hear Robin from here... and I know if i were her I would be saying "NO NO NO I WONT GO!!!!" ... brrrrrr cold FG! I wouldnt be out in that!!

  7. Oh, that tree! That swing! I would feel it's pull no matter what I was working on, if I had a swing like that in my yard. Beautiful.

    Congrats on the new camera!

  8. Wow, what a change!! I thought that the captions would read: a month ago and today. But of course, these comments come from the mouth of a city girl who lives where it doesn't snow! I bet that wood stove is well-loved during the winters there.

  9. I swear everyone in the belly of the US is freezing their bums off.

    Congrats on the new camera and stay warm!

  10. I had to re read the caption.. thought it was a month ago.. today.
    wow we are having a warm december. very strange weather

  11. I see what's in store for us in Massachusetts tomorrow. Wish I took some pictures today before the snow arrives so I could have some before and after pictures.

  12. That's so incredibly different weather in the space of 24 hours. Will never see that in Singapore - maybe I should do one sunny (pre) and rainy (post) - can happen in 24 hours too...heehee :)

  13. Hi Vickie,
    I didn't know you were near the beach. *envy, envy, envy* Layers are good (and not just for strip poker). I have on several of them even as I type this. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Yeah, I couldn't get Robin out to frolic until it was almost dark. But Bear & I did some frolicking without her in the snow. . . and we have photographic evidence to prove it. . . : )

    Hi Kelly,
    Another person enamored with that swing! : ) You've seen all the earlier photos of it, I hope?

    Hi Dawn,
    It was definitely a pretty big change. That's my favorite way to greet the first snowfall--wake up and there it is.

    As for the woodstove, it's our only source of heat! The cats bow down and pray to it every day. : )

    Hi Vanessa,
    Yeah, and I don't think jell-o is gonna warm any of us up, LOL. : )

    Hi Cookiecrumb,
    See what you're missing by living in Marin? I mean, it's going to be ZERO degrees tonight. You just can't buy that kind of excitement. : )

    Hi Sha,
    We are not having a warm December here. : )

    Hi Urban Agrarian,
    Welcome to the farm! Oooh, I love Massachusetts. Yes, you should have taken some 'before' pictures today. You might look like the 'after' shots for weeks. : )

    Hi Eatzycath,
    Great to have you back again so soon. : ) The weather here is always changing. They have a saying (which is used in other places, I know): "If you don't like the weather, wait five mintues." Of course, you might not like what it turns into, LOL. Yes! You should do a before and after rain photo. : )

  14. congrats on the new camera
    and for sharing the same scenes from different perspectives, they are so compelling

  15. Hi Sam,
    Thanks. Glad you like them. : )


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