Monday, December 5

Daily Farm Photo: 12/5/05

Help! These guys are driving me nuts!

A brief Uncle Dan update coming soon.


  1. Good morning Kat,
    Oh geez, I thought it was bad that I could hear him in the house. But all the way in New Hampshire? I can believe it, though. He is really loud! : )

  2. Poor Dan, they all ganged up on him!

  3. I guess you have to be a big old braying ass to get some attention 'round here.
    Subdued and tasteful (not, tasteful) poultry types can look very attractive with sensitive photographic treatment, you know.

  4. This donkey is very cute. I love those lovely and sweet animals!

  5. He's precious. Dan reminds me of Wooly, the french mule who lives right behind me. Wooly loves to bray early in the morning and beg for carrrots whenever I'm in the backyard.

  6. Oh boy, poor Dan he really looks desperate. I can lipread: "get them out of heeeere".

  7. dan says... lets have more excitement hahaha... no donkeys here and outside athens some donkeys are very much abused. sad!

  8. I want a donkey.


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