Thursday, February 23

Chickens On Snow: Step By Step Photos

(Not A Recipe)


  1. I love Whitey. I can't wait to have my own chickens.

  2. Thanks for a GREAT laugh. Some times it's easy to feel the same way about getting out of bed!

  3. Leigh loves Whitey.

  4. PS Some of us know enough to sleep in the shed.

  5. hehehehe they look so disgusted

  6. Well, I have to give credit where due - them's some smart chickenz. Stay inside! Snow is for the thick-headed ones....

  7. Hey, Jeff!
    Who are you calling thick-headed?

    P.S. Ahem. I have a hut. The chickens have a coop. The tractor has a shed. So again, I ask (and I'm just putting this out there), who is the thick-headed one?

  8. oh, that's priceless!

  9. Er...I'm sure I meant to say "thick-furred ones"....Farmgirl must have edited my post or something....

  10. Oh, I'll have the Chickens on Snow. Sounds delicious. (???) Great post!!!

    (PS. Hi! I'm Kate...and an avid reader of your blog. You've done exactly what I want to do/anticipate doing by leaving the big city and starting a sustainable life out in the green world. I can't tell you how jealous/inspired I am! I would love to know all about your journey, preparation, transition, acquisition of skills, etc. Your blog is a delight. Thank you!)

  11. Cracks me up! (and it's only 7.55 am), thanks for the laugh with my first cup of coffee.

  12. thought it was SNOW PEA WITH CHICKEN LOL
    hahaha maybe they are tropical chickens more lol
    have a great weekend Susan

  13. Shed, coop,hut, barn, house, it's all the same to us chickenz, Danny-boy. You can argue about semantics, or you can stay warm and dry, Mr. Doodle.
    About that armchair, Susie-Q....

  14. The whole group of photos reminds of my four dogs when it snows here. No one and I repeat no one will go outside because they get their prissy little toes wet. I have to carry them out to pee. How trained am I? LOL!

  15. Uh, Lindy (The Chicken),
    That would be Mr. Dandy, Miss The. Duh.

  16. Like I said , "semantics", Danny Boy. You can stand out there in the cold quibbling, I'm going in the garage, or the gazebo, or whatever it is.
    BTW, your little fuzzy ears look real cute in that daily photo. Who you hiding from, chum?

  17. Ahem. Ms. Chicken,
    Donkeys don't hide. But if I were hiding, it would be from you, you crazy hen!

  18. P.S. And if I were, hypothetically, going to hide, I certainly wouldn't leave my ears sticking out! Hello?

    Can't you go back to torturing somebody else? I have stuff to do.

  19. Hi Leigh,
    It'll be great to have your own chickens. Just realize that they're not all like Whitey. (Thank goodness.)

    Hi AK,
    I hear you! : )

    Hi Lindy (the chicken),
    Well, I guess we just can't be loved by everybody, now can we?

    Hi Clare,
    Yep, and it's all my fault of course. Do you know how much weather I get blamed for around here?

    Hi Jeff, Hi Donkey Doodle Dandy,
    I'm just gonna let you two sort this out yourselves. : )

    Hi Kelly,
    : )

    Hi Kate,
    Welcome to the farm! So sorry, but the temperature has risen and we are all out of Chickens On Snow (much to their delight).

    So glad you're enjoying (and being inspired by) my blog. Okay, lots of questions about how I got from there (city full of crazy people) to here (country full of crazy critters). A lot of people have been asking me some of these same things, so I'm thinking of setting up some sort of place(like an adjacent blog) where I can answer questions as I have time and they will be permanently visible to anybody who wants to read them. That seems better than answering emails and comments individually. So be on the lookout for an announcement about that someday hopefully soon.

    In the meantime, it definitely looks as though you're honing your skills in the kitchen. You've sure cooked up some delicious things over at Pie In The Sky!

    Hi Baking Soda,
    You're very welcome!

    Hi Sha,
    Gotcha! : )

    Hi Amy,
    But you don't even get snow in Florida.

    Hi Lindy (the chicken),
    Um, there appears to be somewhat of a waiting list for the armchair, and um, let's see, you're not at the top of the list. Gosh, you're not even second. Hmmmm. You know what? I don't think chickens really need chairs, do you? I mean, you seem perfectly comfortable spending the night perched on that branch in your coop, and let's face it: you don't have any arms. I wouldn't want to be personally responsible for messing up your finely tuned instincts or anything (not that all this computer hacking hasn't already).

    Hi Vickie,
    Oh they have you trained very, very well!

    Lindy (the chicken) (again),
    On the other hand, do you think you would be nicer if you had an armchair?

  20. I know this is an old post, but I just found your web site. My daughter got a big kick out of these pictures because we have a Buff Orpington and a Light Brahma like the 2 chickens featured in your photos. They are named Muffin and Pooh. Actually, Pooh recently died. We currently live in the city and they are backyard chickens, but we are hoping to make a big move to the country in the next few weeks. Wish us luck!


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