Wednesday, February 1

Daily Farm Photo: 2/1/06



  1. Hi just want to say your photography is soooo amazing!!!! Few days ago, I discovered your blog and until now I am addicted to read and watch at your webside.
    The writing is great ( also I haven't read everything till now) but the more I am impressed of your pics. Sooo fantastic. Did you learn it? Or are you just a natural talent? Which camera are you using?
    I love to read food blogs because I am also addicted to food / cooking... and I have to say your blog is very special.
    I would be interesting to hear more about why and how you was coming to do this kind of blog ( maybe you wrote about it before???) It would be great if you can write about it or if you like to give me a message.

  2. Beauty in the most unlikely places..a puddle if the mud...I love it!! I took an architecture /design class in college and they always told us to look everywhere, from buildings to the pavement for beauty. You seem to have an eye for it too.

  3. i see beauty in murky waters... this one is just so beautiful
    KALO MINA to FG and the animals
    (happy month)

  4. That is a beautiful picture. What kind of camera do you use? You're very talented! I love checking out your daily photos.

  5. loved the latest pictures !!

  6. What a great photo. What a wonderful use of a mud puddle.

  7. Lovely and unexpected. A great perspective!

  8. beautiful as always!!
    this is a marvelous image.

  9. Hi Mireille,
    Welcome to the farm! Thanks so much for all your kind words. I would be happy to answer your questions, but it will have to wait until the next day or so as we are scrambling to get ready to leave for a day of off farm errands in the sprawling metropolis a few hours away. (Ack!)

    I hope you'll check back in this comments section for my response. In the meantime, click here for a link to my new camera, which I am really loving. And I'm still using it on full AUTO mode, so I think it has even more possibilities. : )

    Hi Mona,
    The teacher of that architecture/design class was absolutely right. I was walking with a friend one day in the Big City and we walked under this humongous freeway overpass. I was mesmerized. It was absolutely gorgeous from below. I was wishing I had my camera, and my friend was looking at me like I was nuts. : )

    Hi Sha,
    Thank you! : )

    Hi Gourmetish,
    Thanks so much. Please see above for a link to my camera. I highly recommend it, especially for beginners.

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much. And congratulations for getting blogger to let you leave a comment! : )

    Hi Urban Agrarian,
    Of course the very best use of a mud puddle is to splash through it wearing rubber boots!

    Hi Nicole,
    Thanks so much (and welcome to the farm if I didn't welcome you before!--must be brain lapse from all this fresh air. : )

    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks. Great to hear from you!

    Hi Amy,
    Okay, wait. I thought it was the handmade fence photos you liked the best. : )

  10. hope you you survived the sprawling metropolis and have come back to reflect on calm pools of water instead.
    Just beautiful.


  11. Wonderful pics, keep them coming!

  12. Your photographs just get better and better.


  13. Hi Everyone,
    As you may know, on Saturday 2/4/06 Blogger was having some kind of illness and, among other problems, comments left were not posting. Here is a copy of a comment I left yesterday. Apologies for all the confusion.

    Hi Sam,
    Well we survived the 12 hour trip, but it sure was nice to get home--even with our now very light pockets. Who knew windows cost so much? : )

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Tana,
    Thank you so much. : )

    Hi Mireille,
    Okay, I'm back as promised to answer your questions.

    Regarding photography & my photos:
    I haven't had any lessons and consider myself a definite amateur. I have always liked taking pictures, but before starting this blog, I had taken maybe a total of 10 rolls of film in my entire life.

    The fully automatic digital camera is my saving grace. And I'm finally getting used to the idea that you can take more than one or two shots of something because there is no film to waste!

    Nearly all of the photos I post were composed and framed when I took them. I have cropped maybe three posted photos total and don't know how to do all that other fancy photo editing stuff. (Which is probably a very good thing because if I did, I would most likely be spending way too much time at the computer!)

    As far as why and how I started this blog:

    I just sort of happened into it. A year ago I didn't even know what a blog was--and I had no idea that such an amazing community of food bloggers existed. I decided to start my own when I realized it was a perfect combination of things I enjoy:

    1. I, too, am addicted to food and cooking. And now that I live on a farm, my life basically revolves around food.

    2. Food & garden writing, which I was already doing for various magazines and publications.

    3. And photography.

    Once I started Farmgirl Fare, I also realized how wonderful it was to connect to other people with interests similar to mine--as well as to be able to share my life on the farm with people who love the idea of country living and are interested in learning more about it, or who simply enjoy farm life vicariously through my blog (all the beauty and fun and none of the work!).

    Shortly after I moved to rural Missouri from Northern California, I started publishing a newsletter called Writings From Windridge Farm that was full of various lighthearted stories about my introduction to life in the country. It also contained garden tips and tidbits as well as plenty of food talk. Ten issues were published, and nearly every person who read them suggested they be collected into a book. My plan right now is to put excerpts from each issue either right here on Farmgirl Fare, or, most likely, on a separate blog to be linked to from Farmgirl Fare. This will give people who enjoy reading about country living (or who are thinking about making the move from urban to rural) more of an idea of what it's been like for me.

    Oops! There's the timer which means I need to get back to some bread dough. I hope I was able to answer your questions. Thanks for taking the time to write. I look forward to hearing from you again.


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