Saturday, February 18

Weekend Cat Blogging: Herban Cat Crossing

For Some Reason I Thought They'd Be Safer Indoors

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  1. Hmmm, I'm not seeing a WCB #37 up yet at Eat Stuff. . . guess I should wait?

  2. He's just helping make sure the soil is packed firm. That's all. Really.

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Wow, for once I beat Clare to WCB, despite their being 17 hours ahead of us. I guess she and Kiri must be out partying or enjoying Sunday brunch or something. Check back later at Eat Stuff--I know they won't miss WCB! Apologies for any confusion.

    Hi Jeff,
    Um, yeah, nice try. You and I both know that cat is no "he." That's Molly Doodlebug, aka The Doodle Monster. That's right, cute little Molly, the one who knocks over full glasses on purpose and attacks homemade cookies. Surely you remember her. : )

  4. MY Molly would *never* do that. This is clearly some other less-refine feline....maybe even a chicken in disguise.....

  5. Mmm. So it's your theory that chickens dress up like cats to deface houseplants, Jeff-y, my dear? How clever.

    You know what they call an animal who doesn't know enough to come in from the cold?

    Here's a hint: It's not "burro."

  6. FG
    Molly would never ever do anything mean! Esp if it is yours... BD's maybe... but not yours :)

  7. Well, with a face that cute, I would let her "check" my herbs whenever she likes...

    (I only say that because no one has tried to walk on my rosemary)

  8. He must have a green, non-opposable thumb!

  9. it's too funny the things that cats will get into to satisfy their own needs. She could have walked on the ground...but no!

  10. If the shoe fits, lindy (the chiocken)....everyone knows chickenz are devlish, at best....why do you think they are called deviled eggs?

    FG, are you going to let a chicken call Dan nasty names?

    Have you hugged a jacka** today?

  11. Who's talking about Dan, Jeff-y?

  12. !! OMG, I've been smacked down by a chicken!!

    This is not a good start to the week....

  13. Ooh, is that tarragon she's about to stroll through? You should know that cats have first dibs on any sunny window, sill woman. ;+)

  14. Bienvenidos al 100th Carnival de los Gatos! We had over 50 submissions. Enjoy all the links along with some Feline Facts and early Carnival Flashbacks at Bloggin' Outloud.

  15. Okay, this is at least the fourth time I've come over here to respond to comments. But Jeff, Lindy, and Dan are making me nervous. I think I'd better just stay out of this. Besides, I don't know if I could handle being smacked down by a chicken. Or a donkey. Or Jeff. Or The Doodle Monster for that matter. Geez, am I a wuss or what? Maybe. But a smart wuss!

    P.S. Kashim & Othello,
    Welcome to the farm! : )


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