Monday, February 6

Daily Farm Photo: 2/6/06

Tree Sock Laundry Day?


  1. Good lord, is that Spanish Moss? If so, it's very luxuriant. You know they use that as a fixative in potpourri.

    Lovely pic, as always.

  2. does this mean the same one sock myth goes for TREES too?!

  3. The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was "a fuzzy green horse head". Am I wrong? I do see the sock resemblance too.

  4. Did you try this tree sock ?
    Warm with a perfum of ground. It is better that cold with a smell of foot which stinks !!!

  5. Hi B'Gina,
    Thank you. Actually I'm not sure what kind of moss this is. I found several mounds of it growing together on the forested ridge above the farm. Of course I immediately named them the Mossapagos Islands. I just tried to upload a photo of them, but Blogger isn't cooperating. Check back here later for the link if you'd like to see it.

    No, I didn't know about Spanish Moss being used as a fixative in potpourri. Neat. Thanks for sharing!

    Hi Shuna,
    LOL, always wonderful to hear from you. No, no, no. The beauty of tree socks is that each tree only needs one! See? (Click here.) : )

    Hi Dining Dica,
    Hmmmm. Maybe they're like clouds and everybody sees something different when they look at them. I like that idea.

    Hi Mijo,
    I think this tree sock might be a bit scratchy. Plus I'd hate to run into the tree I stole it from. You have seen "The Wizard Of Oz," haven't you? That scary tree scene sure stays with a kid. : )

  6. it looks like my old worn lands end socks ;-)
    I have seen that kind of moss on potpourri bowls

  7. Hi Sha,
    Sounds like it's time for some new socks! : )

    Okay, for anybody who is interested, I've uploaded the photo of the Mossapagos Islands. Just click here.

  8. My socks start looking like that if I leave them laying around too long! ;~)


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