Sunday, February 26

Weekend Dog Blogging #23

Click here to see the bonus photo Bear didn't want me to share.

Attention Dog Lovers! It's time for Weekend Dog Blogging #23!
To see fun dog photos and discover yummy new food blogs, head over to
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  1. Two very special friends indeed.

  2. Hi Susan, love this photo! They are really cute!

    And thanks so much for your gentle comment on my page.

    By the way, I would like to share with you the photos of my dog Flora and my daughter's dog, showed up on Modern Pooch. Take a look:

    Have a happy Sunday!

  3. Okay. Even chickenz got to admit that's pretty cute.

    FG: Regarding your comment about how chickenz don't have arms (and hence do not require armchairs)- peoples do not have wings, but many have "Wing Chairs"! Harharharhar.

    Chicken humour.

  4. Awwww. DDD is looking so fluffy and cuddly! That's an adorable shot.

  5. I want your donkey and your chickens *lol* they can come visit anyday :-)

  6. Hi Keewee,
    Definitely. It's so neat watching the different animals interact with each other.

    Hi Sonia,
    The dog photos are wonderful. I love the one lounging in the hammock--that is just too sweet. Modern Pooch looks like a neat site.

    Hi Lindy (The Chicken),
    Chicken humor is just painful. Plus you barely even use your wings. A couple of flaps up to the sleeping perch or the nesting box, and that's about it. So I don't think you need a wing chair either.

    Hi Rhodent,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Sunidesus,
    Watching Dan try to get Bear to play with him is hysterical sometimes. See, it's not that Bear doesn't like Dan, it's just that Bear (who is an English and Australian Shepherd mix) has been deeply 'programmed' NOT to play with the livestock.

    He loves them with all his heart, protects them, takes care of them, even tries to lick the sheep dry when they are absolutely soaked from a rainstorm, but he doesn't play with them like he plays with Robin. And he considers Dan to be livestock.

    Unfortunately Donkey Doodle Dandy spent the first two years of his life living with (literally) a dozen hounds, so if he doesn't think he's a dog, he certainly knows how to act like one. So he makes these moves at Bear that even I know are "let's play" dog moves, and Bear just sits there and ignores him--which is what he's supposed to do. Just like when six big lambs all come over to inspect Bear. He sits completely still--or he rolls over on his back, which is a submissive position, until they get bored and go away.

    But Dan is very persistent and once in a while he will get Bear to chase him around a little. Mostly, though, he does all these little dog moves, Bear ignores them, then Bear turns and does all the same dog moves at me! I tell him to go play with poor Dan.

    What Dan really needs is his own puppy. I've been looking for a donkey girlfriend for him, but he'd probably be happier with a dog. : )

    Hi Abe/Happy,
    I'm pretty attached to Dan. The chickens, on the other hand. . . : )

  7. I can't enough of Dan! I love all of your photos but Dan is certainly special. Poor guy, I think you're right, he needs a friend. Who would have thought a donkey could be so affectionate? And so cute!


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