Monday, February 13

Daily Farm Photo 2/13/06: Wooly, Wooly

Big Chip Suffolk sheep -
Big Chip doesn't like lambing season (fewer hugs)



  1. Poor Chip
    andhow do you think you would get all those cute lambies with out him?

  2. What a handsome fellow. Maybe lambing time makes this wether think about all the fun he's missing!

  3. He is so handsome. I can't wait to paint him (still waiting (hah) for a break from commission work to paint your animals. Gotta paint the new baby too !

  4. I'm enjoying watching your lambing season unfold - we just had our second set of twins last nite - so far so good!

  5. Hi everyone,
    First of all, I want to assure you that Big Chip is not being completely ignored. I just gave him a humongous hug this morning. When Big Chip wants something, he lets you know, and there was no way I was getting out of the barn without a little quality Chip time. He just gets so jealous of all the fawning I do over the baby lambs--and the cuddling of course. : )

    Hi Clare,
    Um, you must have missed the part where I explained that Chip & Chip (and Sweet Pea & Teddy) are wethers and, well, have nothing to do with the creation of those cute little lambs. : ) (click on the "fewer hugs" link under the photo to read about The Chippers.)

    Hi I.G.O.,
    Okay, you got it! : )

    Hi Amy,
    The limitless facial expressions of my sheep are a source of constant amazement to me. And their eyes--like the most beautiful, soulful marbles you've ever seen.

    Hi Leigh,
    I've missed you! Your list of my animals you want to paint keeps getting longer--kind of like your list of my farm animals you want to come live with you! Glad to hear you're still busy with commissions. It's easy to understand since your pet portraits are just fabulous! Well, now you can choose whether (ha ha) you want to pain Big Chip with his sleek summer look or giant woolly winter look. : )

    Hi Shepherdgirl,
    Congratulations on your two healthy sets of twins! I saw the pictures on your wonderful blog--just adorable!

    Hi Alisha,
    Okay Nurse Alisha, I hate to say this but your diagnosis has got to be wrong--there is no way that woolly beast is cold! : )


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