Monday, February 27

Daily Farm Photo: 2/27/06

First Day Outside For Martha's Baby Boy


  1. Goooo, little guy! How exciting!

    Happy Monday, FG & friends!

    btw, clicking on the pic to see a larger image results in an error.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Oh, he was having a blast checking everything out.

    Thanks for letting me know about the trouble you had enlarging the photo. Same thing happened to me when I tried it just now, so I completely reloaded the photo. I use hello/picasa which automatically creates a new blog post when the photo goes up, so I upload them to a hidden blog and then move them to my post. Well, I was able to enlarge the picture on the draft blog, so I moved it to FF. Didn't work. Went back to draft blog. Didn't work. I am now thinking maybe it is just Blogger Monday Overload. Anyway, sorry you can't see the bigger image. I tried to fix it! You might check back later and see if it works. : )

    Hi Vickie,
    And you wouldn't believe how soft he is!

  3. I can't believe he's outside already. I guess I was thinking that they would be like puppies or kittens but that would not be very evolutionarily sound.

  4. I would love to just squeeze him and see how soft he is.

  5. I love how they have to stan all spraddle-legged when they're that young, just to stay on their pins. Adorable.

  6. :0 ohhhh, I WANT HIM!!!!!

    So precious!

  7. Aarrggh! Can a person die of cute overload? He's just begging to be scushed!

  8. He is so cute!!! I just love him Farmgirl!

  9. Yeah! That is wonderful. Too cute!

  10. I saw this today, as I was taking my mom to the dentist.

    They raise lamb for restaurants, but they also, apparently, rent out their sheep to "mow" people's fields. You can put that little guy right to work, earning his keep!

  11. Hi Jeff,
    Think I finally got the photo fixed so that you can click on it if you want to see it larger. : )

    Hi Bean,
    It never ceases to amaze me how (for lack of a better term) grown up and independent baby lambs are. I mean, they are born (with little hooves, wool, big ears--everything fully intact) and literally within minutes are standing up heading for the milk bar. An hour later they are bouncing around (or napping).

    In this series of photos, the second one was taken when she was about 30 minutes old. The top photo when she was 3 hours old, and the bottom two photos the next morning when she was about 14 hours old (and already bigger than when she was born!) They grow so fast.

    Hi Vickie,
    Very, very soft. But you can't squeeze too hard! Plus, mom is always watching. I raise very protective mother sheep. : )

    Hi B'Gina,
    Watching little lambs race around beats TV anyday! : )

    Hi Sky,
    They are pretty irresistible. But you can't have him. : )

    Hi Sunidesus,
    LOL, I'm not sure what 'scushed' is, but I've probably done it to a lamb or two!

    P.S. Don't die now. We're only at the beginning of lambing season. Think of all the cuteness you'll miss!

    Hi Patti & Katy,
    I always say we do 'cute' very well here. : )

    Hi B'Gina,
    Oh, that Wooly Weeders place is too much. Mowing vineyards--what a great idea. Ha ha I love the phrases they use, like "environmentally friendly mowing service" and "noxious weeds are our specialty!" Thanks so much for the link--and the smile.


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