Tuesday, February 28

Daily Farm Photo: 2/28/06

Martha & Her Twins


  1. It's getting awfully adorable around here! :-)

  2. How cute! I love them! When I was a kid (and actually, I still have it) I had a National Geographic book called about farm animal babies (it was a series: zoo babies, farm babies, etc). It was filled with beautiful photographs. My favorites were the sheep and the ducks. This picture reminds me of that. Beautiful!

  3. Super cute - they definitely look huggable! (Never having hugged a lamb, I could be WAY WRONG here!) ;-)

    After looooving your choc biscotti (as do the coworkers), I'm wondering if you can recommend any good almond-scented biscotti, perhaps with choc chips?

  4. Hi Jamie,
    Yep. At this time of year, I am constantly being distracted by cuteness. (Okay, okay, I'm distracted all year long.)

    Hi Sarah,
    So glad you're enjoying these photos. That farm animal babies book sounds wonderful. It's neat that you still have it.

    Hi Jephers,
    Oh, they are very huggable indeed. VERY huggable. Soooo soft.

    Great to hear of another baker's chocolate biscotti success. You definitely have some lucky coworkers.

    Hmmmm. Almond biscotti with chocolate chips? That sounds really good. And it's been quite a while since I've put up a sweet recipe (enough with these obnoxiously healthy vegetables, already : ). Maybe I can come up with a new biscotti recipe. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. If only human babies could stand on their own feet so quickly - I would have had several dozen by now if that was the case.

  6. That's truely a beautiful picture!!!

  7. I am feeling more at home every moment, as I see these wonderful pictures of proud moms with their lambs. This is the one thing I miss about New Zealand, the sight of hills dotted with newborn lambs and their mothers, in spring.

  8. Oh great - you're committed! So I should expect to see a recipe, cool pictures, and an entertaining blog entry to accompany...hm...how soon? Tomorrow? By the end of the week? You have your assignment, now hop to it! ;-)

    Thanks again for such an entertaining site. (It almost makes a great distraction while at work, when I need a break from computer code!)

    Take care!

  9. Hi,
    I've had you in my favorites for some time, and have just recently started checking on you daily. I grew up on a farm in middle Tennessee and your pictures remind me of home.

  10. I want to come visit so I can hug all the baby lambs!

  11. I am going to pass out from all the cuteness...my brain is going to explode.

  12. Ok - no more bacon here! Precious! Guess we need to consider farm living - it's looking pretty good at the moment.

    I have never seen a lamb in my whole (long) life! Think it is time to go find one to touch. And, maybe I can see some piglets while I am searching.

  13. Mary had a little lamb....

    No wait, scratch that.

    Martha had two little lambs......

    That's better.
    They're adorable!

  14. This is totally off topic here, but I have developed the habit of thinking of names for sheep. It's sort of like a tic. They just sort of pop into my head, unbidden. How did this happen to me? Anyway....

    Being as these 2 are so wooly, and there's a pair of them- what about "Nit" and "Pearl"?

    The naming of twins is a whole new ballgame. My daughter went to school with a pair of twins (boy and girl), named "Diana" and "Ross".

  15. hey FG... now M saw the photos he said ahh good lamb daube in the future hahaha

    oh now i might as well turn vegetarian

  16. Awwwwww. I can't wait to show this to Logie-O.

  17. Hi Sam,
    I hear you. But several dozen? : )

    Hi Kat,
    They are very huggable--once you catch them!

    Hi Rosa,
    Thank you.

    Hi Alisha,
    Oh this is nothing. Wait until there are 20 or so more racing around. : ) And as you can see from today's photo, I'm not the only nanny. : )

    Hi Melissa & Keewee,
    Little lambs dotting the hillsides and resting in the pastures sound so much more picturesque than what we have right now---a whole bunch of very pregnant ewes (and four tiny lambs) penned up in the barnyard munching hay and complaining that there are no nice green pastures out there. : )

    Hi Jephers,
    Okay. Two things.

    One. How soon until the almond chocolate chip biscotti post appears? Well, since you're a new reader, you probably don't know that trying to pin me down to an exact time to do absolutey anything is more difficult that catching up a sheep in a giant open field. (Just ask the people still waiting for the oatmeal toasting bread recipe--if they even come by anymore. And if you are reading this and happen to be one of those people: I haven't forgotten! I will post it one of these days! I promise!) But back to the biscotti. To get an idea of how things work around here, I highly suggest any and all new visitors read this. It should help. : )

    And two. Um, my site "almost makes a great distraction while at work?" Almost? So what are you saying? It's pretty neat but not as fun as, say, solitare or the panda cam at the zoo? Humph. Maybe I shouldn't even tell you that I already baked Round One of the new biscotti last night. : )

    Hi Jenny,
    Welcome to the comments section of the farm! I'm so happy you decided to say hello. I'm glad you're enjoying daily visits, and I hope I'll hear from you again.

    Hi Sunidesus,
    Sorry, they (really) only let me hug them. And even then, sometimes it's a struggle. Little lambs can be obstinate! : )

    Hi Leigh,
    You can't pass out now. We're just starting!

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Like I said, it's an amazing time of year. : )

    Hi Sky,
    Little lambs are very, very soft. And little piglets are adorable, especially when they are roaming around in a large pack. Click here if you'd like to see a piglet action shot I took at the livestock auction one night.

    Hi Biscuit Girl,
    Now you've got me singing that. : )

    Hi Lindy,
    Oh my. I'm not sure what to say about your newfound talent for naming sheep. "Nit" and "Pearl" have rendered me speechless. Which is probably good because I don't think I should say anything about those poor twins, "Diana" and "Ross." I once knew two brothers named "Jan" and "Dean" (apparently their mother was a huge fan), but they weren't twins.

    Hi Sha,
    LOL, M wasn't the only one who thought of lamb daube after seeing these photos. Click here to find out who else did (and for his delicious sounding recipe).

    Hi Tana,
    Oh, he's probably so used to seeing cute farm animals in person while tagging around with you that the little guy won't even be impressed. : )


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