Tuesday, February 14

February 14th, 5:00pm: Looking For Love

O Val-en-tine!

Yo! Valentine!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Susan!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day......BUT it is about CHOCOLATE, not CHICKENS!


  3. My Mom sent us chocolate chickens on a stick! What a neat idea! Hahaha!! Er...

    Happy Valentine's Day, Susan and all our adorable farm friends!!

  4. O very funny, Jeff, I'm sure.
    Whitey and I got cute little People-In-Az.-On-a-Stick for Valentine's Day. ....made of seeds and insects.

  5. I'm here! I'm here! I'll be your Valentine!!
    Happy V Day Susan!
    I'm going to start to call you Ol' McDonald:)

  6. You know we love you, lindy (the chicken)!

  7. Aww...too cute! :)

  8. Oh, Alisha, you're so sweet. Just keep away from me with that giant needle, okay? This is an all-natural farm--we don't do the antibiotic/growth hormone thing here!

    BB & FJBT,
    Ahem. I beg to differ!

    And Jeff,
    Well, I do believe Lindy spoke for both of us. Humph.

    Oh Mona! I just knew somebody would want to be my valentine!

    Yo, Jeff!
    And you don't love me?

    Well Amy,
    Hardy-cluck-har to you. Sure, go ahead and make fun of us desperate single girls.

  9. P.S. Jeff, obviously your mother has a very sick sense of humor.

  10. Hi Nic,

    Hi BB & FJBT,
    No chocolate for dogs! But, um, no chicken either, okay? (Or at least don't let Whitey & Lindy know).

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you! (Am refraining from commenting on chocolate chicken info. You're six states away--I'm about 150 feet from them!)

    Hi Lindy,

    Hi Mona,
    *sniff* I'm not old! : )

    Hi Alice,
    Great to hear from you. We do cute very well around here--it seems to be our specialty, LOL.

    Hi Amy,
    Laughing is good--well, as long as you're doing it a great distance from Whitey.

    Yo Whitey,
    How on earth do you two keep hacking into my computer!? And now you managed to somehow get your own blog??????


  11. What kind of chickens are these? Yes, I'm a chicken newbie...


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