Saturday, February 4

Daily Farm Photo: 2/4/06

Lucky 13 Still Likes To Be The First One Through Any Gate

Phew. It's all Blogger's fault. The eleven hours to post this photo, the lost comments you've left today (I did receive them via email), the numerous other problems that have been going on. I'm ending this now before the entire post evaporates once again. And besides, there's a homegrown grilled steak, a spinach salad, a hot crusty hunk of homemade pain au levain, and a glass of red wine waiting for me. May the rest of your weekend be free of frustrations--and just as delicious.


  1. Yeah, it has been a pretty awful day for blogger hasn't it? I was looking at the computer and half my blog just disappeared. Yikes. Luckily we always seem to bounce back.

    Love the photo. Hope you're having a great weekend otherwise.

  2. Oh phew here too! So it wasn't the strange photo I posted, it was Blogger! I wasted some time trying to answer comments and posting while I should be on my way to a birthday party...(imagine Husband with keys and coats standing in the doorway...the look on his face...) Not as cute as this sheep and the fence, haha

  3. Hi Kalyn,
    I remember reading a while ago on Food Blog S'Cool that there's a way to back up your entire blog. That project just flew up to the top of my To Do List! : )

    Hi Baking Soda,
    I'm sure your husband would have been just as cute as Lucky 13 if he'd been about to crash through a gate instead of just standing in the doorway. So was there cake at the birthday party? And, more importantly, was it good cake? : )

  4. What a sweet photo. Sheep must be very personable critters.

    My 1300-pound Percheron draft horse is the first to greet me at the pasture gate each morning. He simply towers above all the others. I've had him for a year, since he was 2, and he's still growing. It took some getting used to to being greeted by a giant every morning. His sheer mass still takes me aback some days as he placidly waits for me by the gate, swishing his massive tail, giant ears pricked forward in expectation of his breakfast.

  5. Nope! Store-bought fruitfilled cardboard (evil grin) Sitting there doing the small-talk thing while dying to get home and try my brand new standmixer! Yep I did it, spend an amazing amount of money (not registered due to blissful memory lapse)


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