Saturday, February 18

Daily Farm Photo 2/18/06:
This Is Not Cute Donkey Abuse

He Could Have Slept In His Hut


  1. Good for you. I live in NJ. Its crowded and conjested but I like to fish and I'm only 20 miles from the Atlantic ocean. I drive my truck up onto the beach and surf fish. Can't beat it.

    Good luck. ;)

  2. Lovely photo :)

  3. Yes, he could have. But ... you can't make him!

    That handsome long-eared fellow probably doesn't even feel the cold. I'll bet I could hide my entire hand in his coat. Our old pony is just as wooly. I gritch at him sometimes about not sleeping in the loafing shed during snowstorms. He blinks at me matter of factly during the middle of my lecture and shakes his icicle-covered whiskers.

    I give up. ;-)

  4. Donkies are known for their odd behavior; but he's cute.

  5. I have a coffee mug which has a picture of a sheep, and says,
    "I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy"
    this could apply to the cute donkey.

  6. Could Dan be any cuter? I don't think so. It would make me crazy worrying that he was cold. What a silly donkey. Give him hugs and kisses from me.

  7. well maybe dan is just testing his fur
    and if he gets cold
    he will ask you
    to order
    for a better quality hahhaa

  8. Powder pack Power Dan!
    And I soo want a T-shirt with "I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy"

  9. Now, Uncle Dan, Don't be an....oh, wait...

    Well, now, have you ever noticed that when some one says," Don't be a chicken", they are usually trying to get you to talk you out of behaving prudently...not trying to get you to sleep in a nice dry hut, instead of out in the snow?

    I'm just saying...

  10. That's just about the most huggable donkey I ever did see.

    Made your chocolate biscotti today. You forgot to mention in the article the requirement that you test a biscotti after each stage of the baking. First, eat the ends while you're cutting them. Then, after the first 20 minutes on one side, eat one to see what that tastes like. Then, when they come out of the oven after the second baking, try one of those. And, finally, when cool, eat one.

    Therefore, the recipe really only makes about 32. :-)

  11. But if he sleeps in the shed we cant see how cute he looks with his snow coat! Getting recipes...wish me luck!

  12. Silly Dan!

    But he is awfully adorable with his snow coat.

  13. my daughter wants to come visit!

  14. Y'know a t shirt with this picture on and captioned, simply, "Uncle Dan" could be a big seller.

    I had no idea that donkeys were this cute.

  15. Hi The Bionic 1,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Linda,
    Four degrees F outside this morning--even colder than yesterday when I took that pic. But at least Dan isn't covered with snow this morning. It makes him look warmer. : )

    Hi Katy,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm!

    Hi IGO,
    I can't make Dan do anything, LOL. Ha ha, I like the image of your pony blinking at you while you're yammering on at him. : )

    Hi Tim,
    Not long after Dan came to live with us, a friend asked how he was doing. I said he was fine but seems a bit psychotic--and awfully loud. I could tell she was trying really hard not to laugh right in my face when she said, "ALL donkeys are psychotic! There are some that live 1/4 mile from me and I can hear them just fine." I told her the seller most definitely did not disclose the psychotic thing before I agreed to buy Dan. He's very lucky he's so cute. (Ahem. The donkey and the seller!)

    Hi Keewee,
    I can't believe you have a coffee mug that says that! We've been having this discussion here for months. Click here and here.

    We've decided that none of us are fat, we're fluffy!

    Hi Leigh,
    Just when I think he can't get any more adorable he goes and does something like this. At least he lets me hug him--so I'll be sure to tell him some of them are from you. And oh, he's silly alright. You should see him trying to get Bear to play with him!

    Hi Sha,
    Oh great. Just what I need to search for--a donkey-size alpaca sweater. Or maybe a giant wool coat. I think that during the next blizzard, Dan had better just get in that hut! : )

    Hi Baking Soda,
    I want a tee-shirt that says that, too!

    Hi Lindy (the chicken),
    There's no arguing with a donkey. And there's no talking sense to him either. : )

    Hi Pat L,
    LOLOLOLOL! I can't believe I forgot to include those incredibly important instructions in the recipe. (Actually, I guess I just figure ALL recipes require that much taste testing. Um, doesn't everybody? : )

    Hi 3 Wishes,
    Yeah, yeah, donkey logic wins again. Wishing you Luck!

    Hi Sunidesus,
    Welcome to the farm! Yep, Dan has adorable down to a "T." Or would that be a "D?"

    Hi Catherine,
    Welcome to the farm! It's 4 degrees F outside, the snow is so cold it's crunchy, all the water troughs are blocks of ice, and I have to go back out there as soon the feeling returns to my toes and I put back on seven layers of clothes. Ask her again. : )

    Hi Lindy,
    The thing is (and I'm not just saying this because Dan is mine--I've done visual research out in the real world) most donkeys are not this cute. Really. I have never heard the word "adorable" used so often.

    As far as the Uncle Dan tee shirt--great idea, but can it say "I could have slept in my hut" on the back? : )

    BTW, Uncle Dan has recently been relieved of his charges. They are in a different pen by themselves, and (get this) Dan has the run of the farm! Despite protests from both sides during the interminable internment, I think they miss each other. The first morning of their separation, I put some hay out for Dan right next to the boy's new pen. I went down there later and couldn't find him. Turned out he was sitting on the hay, leaning against the fence, soaking up some sun, and hanging with the boys!

  16. Hi Kat,
    Your comment slipped in while I was typing mine. I agree, but Molly Doodle (who right now is sitting on my lap, obnoxiously moving around and batting at my hand as I try to type) wants me to let you know that she is the only doodlebug on the farm. She is being quite adamant about this, and since she is also known as The Doodle Monster, I think it would be best not to upset her anymore. Know what I mean? (Don't let the darling little face fool you for a second.) : )

  17. I love the idea for the back of the shirt. You might have to take Uncle Dan on tour to promote his clothing line.
    One look at his sweet self, and folks would buy anything, Chez Shed?

  18. Hi Lindy,
    Hmmmm. Me on a t-shirt promotional tour with Dan? That would be, um, an experience. I could just see us clomping in and out of shopping malls, with me lugging 150 t-shirts on my back. What? You think he's going to pack them around? I'd probably have to pull him along in a cart, too.

    Hi Kat,
    Madame is mollified. For the moment.


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