Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Daily Farm Photo: 3/29/06

They Certainly Do Learn Early

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  1. *giggles* What are you feeding them? Miracle grow? They sure have grown!

    Long story short -- living in Washington state -- neighbor across street had outside hanging plant he fed miracle grow -- took plant down one day only to discover a bird nest -- baby birds did not say "cheep cheep cheep", they announced, "FEED ME!"

    Have a great day!

  2. Smart babies you've got there. Luckily, none of my horses can fit into the cattle feeder, or I know one or two who'd be right in there!

  3. Do they know they are heartbreakingly cute when they play little tricks like that?

    Aaah, they're probably too busy thinking about the hay.

  4. I love them standing in the feed trough. Our pigs do that! So cute (the sheep, not hogs)

  5. Adorable! But how did they manage to get in there on those wee little legs?? Those are some clever little lambs you have there!

  6. I think they do it so they can eat in peace. The sheep would crowd them out otherwise.

  7. Seems completely logical to me! Easy access to food, big sheep can't shove them out of the way... plus they must know that it'll give you a good photo opportunity!

  8. A friend whose brother had some sheep when she was growing up told me that when the sheep were all lined up eating, a few of the lambs would run across their backs to get to the space at the end of the feeder!

  9. They are so snuggly looking, all puffy and almost creamy. Or would that be creamy and puffy?

  10. Okay, this principal does not apply here; do as I say not as I do?

  11. Maybe it's genetic memory. Was it their mother's in the trough before? As a foodie, I can certainly understand the desire to be close to one's food. :G:


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