Wednesday, March 22

Is It A Boy? Is It A Girl?
No, It's A Bouncing Baby Blog!

(Because I Wasn't Busy Enough Already)

Volunteer Chard Seedlings In My Greenhouse

Yes, that's my little announcement. I've started another blog. It's an offshoot of Farmgirl Fare, very informal, and created for purely selfish reasons. is basically my personal gardening journal--and hopefully a way to get me to start keeping better (any!) records of what goes on each season inside my garden gate.

Since our weather here is never, ever the same from year to year, keeping detailed day-to-day records of what goes on seemed (and still is) pointless. But it would be nice to be able to look back at what generally went on in the garden--you know, not just what types of tomatoes I planted, but how they actually did. One of my golden rules of gardening is that I Will Forget All Those Little Things I Swear I Will Remember. It will be nice to not keep making the same mistakes over and over because my pathetic memory forgot all about them (or, more likely, blocked them out).

If you're a gardener or a wanna-be gardener, you're welcome to follow along with what's going on in my garden. And by sharing what I'm doing, maybe I can save you some time, trouble, and serious frustrations as well. I have no problem admitting that I screwed up! Of course I welcome your comments, questions, tips, and suggestions. I'm sure I'll be asking for help on a regular basis.

Like I said, this new project is supposed to get me to keep track of what's going on in the garden on a regular basis. So if I start slacking off, friendly harrassment is definitely encouraged! Okay, time to get growing.


  1. oh great now you start a garden blog- just when all my veggies died BIG TIME !! on me :( I need lots of advice will head over there for a good read :)

  2. Congratulations! Your new blog may just be a seedling now, but I'm sure it will blossom into something lovely! I will certainly be checking it out!

  3. Woo! Congratulations!

    But the poor chickenz....

  4. I'm so jealous-- I want a real garden!

  5. Great idea! I find I am always looking back to my blog archives (patchy though they are) to find when I planted something, when something germinated, when the last frost was, etc. This sounds as though it will be very helpful--and a joy for us to read, too. :-)

  6. OH, so now I can email you all the time for garden ER questions? Just when lambing season is over..
    you won't be able to get away from me...

  7. I believe it was Maya Angelou who said that the busier we are the more activities we manage to integrate into our lives. And of course she said that in a much more poetic way than I could ever paraphrase it.

    I look forward to reading your garden blog!

  8. what kind of sprouts do you have going there?

  9. Your greenhouse and gardens look just wonderful. (I tried to write that earlier but Blogger was being temperamental again.) It's sunny here today. Hurray.

  10. Hi Abe/Happy,
    Oh, that's so sad! But it's time to start fall crops down there, isn't it? Maybe you'll have better luck. : )

    Hi Kat,
    Your enthusiasm is just what I need to stay motivated with this new project!

    Hi Tania,
    Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you over there.

    Hi Jeff,
    Oh I think the chickens will somehow manage to survive, LOL.

    Hi Stacey,
    Start small--do you have a sunny place for a few containers of herbs? Even lettuce and tomatoes can successfully be grown in pots. You must have room for some kind of garden! : )

    Hi Catherine,
    More infectious enthusiasm--thanks.

    Hi Jamie,
    If I can keep up with it, I think it's going to be very helpful. Plus it'll be nice to have more photo documentation, too. Just looking at those pictures of the garden from 2003 really put me in the mood to get out there and get my hands dirty. : )

    Hi Shepherdgirl,
    You're done with lambing? Ha, no wonder I haven't had any emails lately. : ) Send on the gardening ER questions. I certainly hope I won't get rid of you that easily!

    Hi Berecca,
    Oh Maya Angelou has said so many incredibly wise and wonderful things, hasn't she? Thanks for the paraphrased quote. : )

    Hi Gustad,
    Those little sprouts are Swiss chard--yellow and green (probably Verde Giant, but I'm not positive). They're from seeds off these two monster chard plants that I've miraculously kept alive in the greenhouse for three gardening seasons now. (I plan to write more about them in the near future.)

    That larger plant on the right is mache (corn salad), a delicious little salad green that absolutely loves cold weather and is an excellent self-seeder.

    The taller sprouting thing is garlic. These are all my favorite kinds of plants--volunteers! : )

    Hi Kalyn,
    I don't know what is going on with Blogger (and gmail). I just wrote a long comment on my garden blog and it just kept giving me different word verifications over and over and over and would never publish the comment. I came over here expecting the same thing, did a test, and it published. We'll see if this "real" comment does, LOL.

    Sun--yay! Even though I love cloudy weather--and so do the plants--I was hoping for some sunshine here today so I could heat up the greenhouse and hang up some laundry outside. Oh well. Ah! Here it comes, poking out its tentative head. Just had to complain a little I guess, LOL.

  11. Wonderful news! I look forward to reading all about your garden experiences.

    Happy Spring!


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