Sunday, March 12

Daily Farm Photo: 3/12/06

Misty Morning Rose


  1. So many cute lamb pictures!!

  2. Babies are always so cute. I bet it can be darn right hilarious to watch those little lambs play.

  3. um, do you need any help on the farm? i'm seriously going to show up on your doorstep if you keep posting pictures of this adorable sweetie:)

  4. Your babies learn early to smile for the camera, don't they? ;+)

  5. I just saw this photo of "our" dear Rose and am printing it out for my daughter's bulletin board. Thank you!

  6. Hi Linda,
    I think I'm pushing the Cute Lamb Picture Limit, but they'll be grown before you know it, and I'll post more photos of other stuff. Like plants. : )

    Hi Sunidesus,
    : )

    Hi Heather,
    Hilarious is right. Once those lambs start packing and racing around as a little gang, there's no stopping them. Who needs TV?

    Hi Sam,
    I must admit, I think so, too. : )

    Hi Mona,
    Darn! We just finished docking tales and castrating. You would have loved it, I'm sure! : )

    Hi B'Gina,
    I cannot understand people who think that animals never smile. They must be either oblivious or hanging out with the wrong critters. Mine smile all the time. Even Donkey Doodle Dandy lets a hint of a smile slip out once in a while!

    Hi Jen,
    Perfect! I was just going to email you this photo when I got your comment. I have others, too. Rose is quite the photogenic poser. : )

    Hi Kat,
    She is something else, I'll tell you. I don't know if it's being famous or just being first or what, but she is a character alright. Too cute, too. (Well, almost. One can never be too cute for me, LOL.)


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