Friday, March 10

Life When You're 12 Hours Old

Hang With Mom

Check Stuff Out

Get Plenty Of Rest (So You Can Grow Into Your Ears)

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  1. Oh oh, what sweet little lambs! I love your caption about growing into the ears; I felt the same way about my little dog and his big fat puppy paws, which made him look so adorably ridiculous when he walked.

    Thanks so much for lovely comments you left on my blog. It was such a pleasure to read them!

  2. Is that the most adorable picture ever?

    Why yes ... I think it is!

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

  3. Aaahh! Such big ears!

    Do the babies stay with their mom's constantly or do they get left alone? I'm all curious about sheep now!

  4. 12 hours old. Those were sweet times!

    I don't use blogger, but it sure seems to be a buggy system. My gmail has been fine, though I don't get a lot of email on it, so I wouldn't know if anything is missing right now or now.

  5. I have your blog bookmarked and take a peek everyday to see your new pictures. I grew up on a farm in eastern Oregon, so just love to see your new lambs (and dog, and cats, and...) Makes my day!(Plus, I am also an avid cook!) Anyway, to get back on the subject...I couldn't get onto your site yesterday, though I had no problem with my own or any of the others I read.
    Good luck with your g-mail.

  6. oh my god i 'm in love!! ugh, so adorable!! thanks for sharing that sweety with us!

  7. Susan, I had trouble with blogger earlier this morning and just walked away, other wise I would have kicked the computer. I went to pull weeds. Looking a baby lambs is much more fun and relaxing that pulling weeds. Hey, do you ever plant leaf or head lettuce. I was actually thinking of planting some here pretty quick before the heat goes wild. Can I do it in a metal tub?

    Those ears...remind me of someone I love...oh yes, number two son. They do grow into them. It took 21 years, how long does it take a lamb? lol!

  8. what an adorable little baby! Little Valentine over at my blog has grown quite a bit. Hopefully now that I am back up and running I can post pictures from my new camera.

    Have a great evening FarmGirl!

  9. what a sweet little creature. i love how gawky they look.


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