Thursday, March 2

Daily Farm Photo: 3/2/06

A Brief Distraction From All The Cuteness


  1. Wont be too much longer and all those trees are going to loose thier wintery look!
    I can hardly wait.

    Have a great day Farmgirl.

  2. That is so nice, the vastness of the sky makes me want to lie down and count clouds

  3. I found you via Lacy @ Farm Aspirations- I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Nothing makes me happier than to hear, read and/or see someone doing what they love best and it is obvious that you are. You have a beautiful place.

    BTW- I thought the chickens were Red Stars... :)

  4. well now i am confused. where did the shot of the piglets go or did i have your blog mixed up with another one? i thought there were a couple of piglets featured here. beautiful photography.

  5. Hi Heather,
    I've really fallen for the leafless look this year. I keep finding myself mesmerized by the intricate patterns of the tiny branches--and thinking that they really look more interesting without the leaves. Of course, shade in summer is always nice. : )

    Hi Clare,
    They'd be hard to count--they are constantly changing. That's why they're so distracting. : )

    Hi KFarmer,
    Welcome to the farm! So glad you enjoyed your visit. As far as the chickens, the two white ones (Joe's 'thrifty' chickens) are offically called something like 365 Missouri Wonders, as they're supposed to lay an egg a day while eating like two pieces of corn. : )

    Whitey the Chicken is, um, a well, a mixed breed. That sounds pretty good, doesn't it? She is actually my oldest hen, and I bought her at the only store in town. You know, the kind of place where you can fill up the truck with gas, pick up a candy bar, a gallon of milk, and a roll of barbed wire, rent a video, and buy a few chickens. : ) And Lindy is a Cherry Egger.

    Hi Sky,
    You're not confused. Just a little lost. Last night I left you a link in a comment to the piglet photo. Just click here. (It's part of this post about going to the auction barn, but the photos are actually located on my photo overflow blog. There's a link to them at the end of the auction post.) Hope that clears things up. : )

  6. spring is on the air
    and think wont be long I will be back in FRance again

    great photo as usual
    so inspiring

  7. The kind of chickenz we are is the kind of chickenz that can type. That's the kind of chickenz we are. Rare birds. But there are more of us all the time.

    Those cheapo "thrifty" birds sound like they're practicing over there. Perhaps you have heard of the "hunt and peck" typing method? Blogging poultry...the new wave.

  8. Its funny you should mention the "leafless" look as I studied the trees as I was driving and thinking about how "lacy" they looked.

    Got in my Kodak 340C today -- now to figure out all the bells and whistles.

    Have a great nite.

  9. Buttermilk Sky! If someone didn't already say that.


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