Monday, March 20

Daily Farm Photo: 3/20/06

Happy First Day Of Spring


  1. Such happy little flowers. Somebody's been picking mine... The perp will be dealt with severly when caught:)

  2. So sunny! Our crocuses, dwarf irises, and snowdrops are out, but the daffs and jonquils still just sporting big, fat buds. Soon!

    Happy Spring, Susan! Here's to another bountiful growing season...

  3. Happy Spring!

    Where are the Spring Chickenz?

  4. Many thanks!

    May this spring season bring you much new life and joy!

  5. It's nice to see that in another part of the country the dafs are still blooming. Mine have come and gone. Now I have to think about digging them up, dividing them and deciding where to put them next. I haven't divided them in...I think about 7 years so it's a bit out of control. Yours are just lovely!

  6. Where are the spring chickenz, he asks?

    Well, we are preparing to have our pictures taken for the chickenz tee shirt, Mr. Jeff.

    FG can feature us as "swingin" chicks" on that little swing in the henhouse. As soon as we can figure out how to hold on without opposable thumbs-and all that that entails-we're ready to boogie.
    Any suggestions?
    Guess we'll just have to wing it. Har.

  7. Lovely photo for spring. It was snowing like crazy here. (yuck)

  8. My see-krit farm sources tell me Dan was overheard saying "Who needs opposable thumbs when we have duct tape and a staple gun? I'll make sure them chickenz don't fall off...mwuahahaha!"

    Don't shoot the messenger.....I'm just an innocent pawn here.

  9. Oh i am SO jealous. Flowers! Sunshine!
    I have weeks to go before such happiness hits here. But I lvoe that you shared the glorious photo :)

  10. When did spring happen? There is ice on my windshield right now and I am south of you! (I do have daffodils though)

  11. That doesn't sound like Uncle Dan to me, Jeffster.

  12. Hi Paula,
    I think of yellow daffodils as the color 'cheerful.' Hmmm, a daffodil thief, you say? Are you sure you don't have a hungry, wayward lamb in your midst? They will suck down daffodil flowers like kids inhale candy.

    Hi Kelly,
    You have crocuses, dwarf irises, and snowdrops? I'm envious.

    Hi Ivonne,
    Right back at you!

    Hi Angela,
    Welcome to the farm! So glad you're enjoying your visits. Thanks for the link. I actually am already a member of and contributor to, but I didn't know there was a photography group.

    I mostly re-publish FF articles on Gather, but I've also started writing a semi-regular gardening column. If anyone is interested, my homepage is

    If you'd like me to send you a personal invitation to join Gather (it's free, fairly new, associated with National Public Radio, and currently has about 15,000 members publishing articles on everything from poetry to politics), just email me (farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com) your name and email address.

    Hi Vickie,
    Well, finally somebody who is ahead of me regarding daffodils! Dividing, huh? I should probably do that since I doubt these have ever been divided, but after 12 years in our bizarre Missouri climate, I have come to realize that if something in the garden is doing well on its own, then I should definitely just leave it alone! : )

    Hi Lindy (the chicken) and Whitey and Jeff,
    Okay, I think we need to get something straight here. Um, girls, I do believe that "spring chickens" are those tiny, adorable, happily chirping, newly hatched chicks. You know, like the ones I've been seeing for sale at the farm store (right next to the even more adorable baby ducks). You and Whitey are, well, how shall I put this? Not young. So even though it is spring, and you are indeed chickens, I don't think you qualify.

    Now, before you get your tail feathers in a huff, I will let you (and everyone else) know that a command decision has been made on the farm by those of us (who like to think we are) in charge:

    Since you girls (and those other two chickens) are still kicking (and cannot be combined into one henhouse) there will be no baby chicks purchased this spring.

    Contrary to what you probably think, this decision was made prior to Whitey's recent argument:

    "Why risk bird flu? Keep me around!"

    It had much more to do with the fact that all of you have gone back to regularly laying eggs. Even Whitey produced three of her little eggs in four days. Not bad for an old broad.

    Okay, now regarding the whole swingin' chicks tee shirt project. . . (Lindy, you're Whitey's manager? I'm so glad I was sitting down for that one.) Anyway, if one of you will start swinging while I'm watching with my camera, I'll see what we can do regarding the shirts.

    In the meantime, I, too, doubt that Donkey Doodle Dandy actually suggested duct taping and stapling you two to the swing, but you have to admit that was pretty funny. Okay, maybe not to you. . .

    Hi Kalyn,
    We had snow predicted here (along with a new term they've come up with--"sleet pellets"--but none of it materialized. I really wasn't looking forward to finding out what a sleet pellet is.

    Hi Matt,
    Welcome to the farm! Yeah, this site was supposed to be a lot more food based, too. But you never know what's going to happen on a farm--especially one populated with so many crazy animals. Good luck with yours this summer!

    Hi Vanessa,
    Weeks until sunshine and spring and flowers? Oh my. Good thing I put up these daffodils, I guess. : )

    Hi KM,
    Um, are you sure you're south of me? Don't feel bad. We'll probably have an ice storm in April.

  13. Lucky for Jeff, the restraint and temperence of poultry is well known and (virtually) boundless. Would you think it humourous if the Arizona branch of the chicken posse wrapped the Jeffster in duct tape, and stapled him to his computer? Maybe not. The image is good for a few chuckles in the hen house, though, honey.

    Just kidding, Jeff. The chickens all adore you. We're suckers for attention. BTW, we're practising on the swing when you're not there, FG. Wouldn't want to embarass ourselves at the big t shirt photoshoot.

  14. It's our understanding the correct temperence of poultry is 165 degrees.


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