Saturday, March 11

Daily Farm Photo 3/11/06: Oh, Just Take A Seat Anywhere

When It Comes To Food, My Sheep Have No Manners. . .

. . . At All

Note: These photos were taken five minutes apart. Those are two different sheep in the trough. My back was turned. All I heard was some scuffling. Probably better that I wasn't watching.

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  1. Bwuahahahaha! MY FOOD!

    Nice method - plop down in the middle of it all - I'll have to try that sometime. :)

  2. Oh that is tooooo funny. I love how they just dive right in to good eating habits. Those who last and go to bed hungry!

  3. Some of us just get a little excited when we see our favorite goodies.

    I love how matter of fact they all look about it-very calm...a little shuffling, and then back to dinner.

  4. They may have no manners; but they know how to present you with a great photo op.

  5. I love these photos. Thanks again for sharing them.

  6. www.Raining
    Love your blog, Susan, just found it . May I put a link on mine to Farmgirl Fare? Although you're the otherside of the world we have so many similarities, it's amazing,I even have a donkey called Dandy, one of six! Best wishes Sally.

  7. Hi Jeff,
    Just be sure to let me know how that technique goes over at your dinner table. (And don't you dare blame me for teaching it to you! : )

    Hi Vickie,
    "Those who hesitate eat last and go to bed hungry!"

    I love it. So true. I remember talking to a girl once who grew up in a family of something like 12 kids. Well, they had dessert every night, but for some reason the mother never made enough to go around--there were only ever like 8 servings. So you had to snag your dessert before dinner. I don't think I would have lasted long in that family--too much anxiety over not getting dessert!

    Hi Kat,
    LOL, they do make some very odd noises sometimes, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were "oink."

    Hi Lindy,
    Ha ha, yep, I've definitely been known to get "a little excited" when I see my favorite goodies. Okay, sometimes more than a little.

    That's one interesting thing about sheep--they really don't get pissed off about anything. Well, anything amongst themselves. Forty-five bellowing Baaaaaas! headed in my direction is not uncommon, as I am in charge, not only of food allotment, but of course the weather as well. We've been having lots of rain and the little area between the barn and the barnyard is a muddy, soupy mess. Sheep cannot stand to walk in mud, and it is all my fault. This morning I actually hauled down an old bale of hay and built them a little hay bridge they could walk across and keep their hooves dry. Slave to quadrupeds, I'm telling you. : )

    Hi Tim,
    Entertainment value and great photo ops rank right up there with cuteness in my book--lucky for them. : )

    Hi Josephine,
    Thanks so much, and you're very welcome.

    Hi Sally,
    Welcome to the farm! Oh my goodness, you have a donkey named Dandy?! I will have to check this out. Can't wait to see where you are and what all we have in common. And of course I'd be flattered to have a link to Farmgirl Fare on your site. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. : )

  8. He's like, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" ;)

  9. Your sheep are so CLEAN. Do they shower daily?

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Definitely! : )

    Hi Ann,
    Oh no, my sheep do not shower. I was so surprised by your comment because they always seem dirty to me--traipsing through the woods they pick up all kinds of things on their wool. But I realized they do look pretty white and clean in these photos. They must have been rained on recently--a heavy rain works wonders, LOL. : )

  11. Hee hee...

    thats a good way to be the center of attention!

    whatever works!


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