Friday, March 24

Daily Farm Photo: 3/24/06

Uncle Dan Is Back On The Job!

More details in a few days. (No really, this time I mean it.)


  1. Well, there are some deep thoughts going on with all of them!! They look like their plotting something.

  2. farm life is beautiful!! i soooo want to move to a farm now! LOL

  3. Uncle Dan is the man! Have you considered a second donkey?

  4. If I were a stray dog or a coyote with a taste for sheep, I'd be quaking in my boots!

  5. haha uncle dan is thinking how to keep these newbies militarily opps dan trained

  6. Less donkeys more chickenz!

  7. Mindy?????

    Who is this unknown chicken-ess?
    What is a "chicken-ess"?

    Inquiring poultry wants to know.

  8. A chicken-ess is like a baroness - I am chicken nobility.

  9. Am hoping this posts... last few days have been interesting... I tried to post to your entry about your new garden blog and it ate it -- alot. I think it burped too... really loud. I gave up. Anyway, looking forward to a new season of posts, pictures and fun things to learn. Have a great nite farmgirl.

  10. Hi Sher,
    Plotting? Very likely. Let's just say there is never a dull moment when sheep and a Donkey Doodle Dandy are involved.

    Hi Soleilina,
    Welcome to the farm! Well, until you get your own, you can e-visit this one anytime. We're open 24/7. : )

    Hi Lindy,
    Actually, I was hot on the trail of a girlfriend for Dan when I got sidetracked by the two llamas I ended up buying.

    But just yesterday Joe and I were discussing the possibility finding a suitable girl donkey. She'd have to be small like Dan, though. I don't want some big b#$%& bossing him around. What Dan would really, really like though? A puppy of his very own.

    Hi I.G.O.,
    That's good news--Dan needs to look tough.

    Hi Sha,
    Unfortunately, I don't think there's any hope for properly training Dan's little woolly charges. : )

    Well, hello Mindy (the chicken-ess). Welcome to the farm! I had no idea we had nobility visiting. But, um, sorry. At this point, Donkey Doodle Dandy has far more fans than the hens, so equal photo space will not yet be awarded to them. (Unless of course they hijack the blog again.) Looking forward to having you grace us with your presence again soon.

    Hi Heather,
    LOL, it sounds like you've been having even more trouble leaving blogger comments than the rest of us. (Though yesterday I was asked to do 13 different word verifications on my gardening blog before I finally realized I could just quit--without the comment posting of course.) Too funny about the eating and burping. Glad you finally got this one to post--and thanks for the laugh.

  11. Is Dan thinking
    "Im gonna tell my Mum on you?"


  12. Hi Abe/Happy,
    Oh Dan doesn't report to me. He's on his own when it comes to taking (staying in?) control, LOL!


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