Saturday, March 11

Weekend Cat Blogging #40

New Cat Lives His Life Above Dog Level

Attention Cat Lovers! This Is Weekend Cat Blogging #40!
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  1. Either he is down right cold or he has put on some LBs. He and Bailey have the right idea...higher is always better when dogs are involved!

  2. LOL -- he sure is fluffy. And yes, higher is better over the dogs. Things here are starting to turn green..... spring is starting to show up.

    Have a wonderful evening Farmgirl.

  3. Beautifully fluffy! He sure does look like a mighty king...

  4. Gorgeous picture ... !

  5. Beautiful. He looks like my mom's cat Lightening, who came to live with me. Lovely fur. Very nice picture--as always!

  6. I have the twin to that cat. His name is Other Guy, named after an Elmo Leonard character, I think. He had a farm accident vegging out in a field and lost a leg and half his tail, but when he runs, you'd never know it! He is my heart's love.
    Although altered, he fights the toms who come around and his neck is laid open half the time in spring and summer. I wish he'd relax. I'm so tired of pruning away matted hair and spraying antiseptic, on and on and on...
    Mine gets much smaller in summer, does yours?

  7. Oh my! He certainly is a handsome fellow! He looks so "in charge" on top of his fence post like that.

  8. Hi Everyone,
    I'd like to apologize for not responding to comments lately. It's certainly not for lack of wanting to. I hope to catch up today and tomorrow. Your comments are a wonderful part of Farmgirl Fare (and often a source of great entertainment to me, LOL), so please keep them coming!

    Oh Vickie,
    Now we've been talking about this all winter. That's not fat on New Cat--it's FLUFF. : )

    Hi Heather,
    It's pretty amazing when I think about it--I doubt New Cat spends more than 10 or 15 minutes a day on the ground. But he is happy with his pal J2, and they are safe in the cat cabin. Getting around the rest of the farm (and he definitely does) is an adventure, though.

    We have had a tremendous amount of rain and bizarre warm temperatures so things are greening up here, too--by the minute!

    Hi Rosa,
    I know I've said this before, but it's probably a good thing we don't live in a neighborhood full of cats, as I doubt the girls would leave this handsome guy alone!

    Hi Cate,
    Thanks. : )

    Hi Sher,
    Oh, I love the name Lightening for a cat. I am guessing he moves very fast? New Cat is sooooo soft. He lets me pet him, but we're not to the hug and cuddle stage yet. Bummer.

    Hi Judith,
    It's wonderful to hear from you! Ha ha, it sounds like New Cat's twin has a similar kind of name--perfect. And what a tough guy. No wonder you adore him so much.

    We're fortunate that there are no other cats around (New Cat is the only one in 15 years to have just "shown up" one day on the farm--and stayed) so the only cat fights are little scuffles between the four outside guys. Bloodshed is rare, thank goodness. I, too, have had plenty of experience with all that home vet repair work and am glad to be done with it.

    Yep, New Cat is somehow going to lose all that fluff very soon and look like an entirely different cat. Click here to see his sleek summer style.

    Hi Sunidesus,
    He does have that regal and "in charge" look, so I probably shouldn't spoil it and let you know he's very skittish. But that's because of the crazy dogs (well, mostly Bear, Robin doesn't chase cats--usually). Unlike Patchy Cat, New Cat has yet to learn that if you just stand still Bear will ignore you because he only has an attention span of about three seconds. Until then, it's life on posts and roofs and in trees. Lovely views at least, I'm sure! : )

  9. So how does he stay so fluffy and tangle free?

  10. I love your cat. So pretty!


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