Wednesday, March 15

Daily Farm Photo: 3/15/06

One And A Half Anonymous Hay Eaters


  1. What is this brown "scab's" name? I assume, of course, that the sheep have unionized...

  2. hey FG I was in Germany missed the animals here
    and Dan of course

  3. We're gearing up for yet another big hay purchase around here. It gets trucked in from Colorado. Am very envious of you all growing your own hay!

    PS. I have cut off our old pony's internet access down at the barn. Certainly don't want him finding out about the wide range of treats currently being served up to donkeys, llamas, and sheep over at FarmGirl's place, or I suspect he (and his fellow equines) will begin making demands.

  4. Farmgirl,
    I figured your animals got homemade granola with dried apricots and chopped hazelnuts for their breakfast!

    Love your daily photos!

  5. Hi Lacy,
    LOL, that is too funny. Of course I'll never tell who it is. I am anti sheep union!

    Hi Sha,
    We missed you, too!

    Hi I.G.O.,
    Wow, I bet that is some pricey hay. A few years ago when we had an even worse drought than usual, a lot of people were buying hay trucked in from well, some other state. We lucked out and didn't have to buy any which was an extra good thing since they were these huge square bales that looked impossible to move around. We are some of the few people still putting up little (40 to 70 pounds) square bales. Everyone else has switched to round bales. Not for us.

    Oh sure. Start a revolt over here, then deny equal treatment to your own animals?! That's it. I'm sending a very long snail mail letter straight to your barn. : )

    So does that mean the organic peanut butter sandwich (that started this whole thing) was fiction?

    Hi Teresa,
    Sheesh. Whose side is everybody on? Homemade granola with dried apricots anad chopped hazelnuts sounds like a perfectly lovely breakfast for me!

    P.S. So glad you're enjoying the photos. : )

  6. What a cute shot. You know I just love those lambie pics. I am presuming that they are not having belgium waffles for breakfast with fresh Vermont maple syrup?

  7. I believe those are also Ours, FG....that's just the way things are.

  8. Maybe she was playing "hide-n-go-seek"? It surely isn't the hay she'd be eating after the gourmet pancakes and organic pb served up on homemade bread......

    Hay is having to be trucked in from other states here too.... drought has maybe lifted after this week -- who knows. We finally did get a few drizzles but not enough to even have a sound soak.

    Spring has sprung here -- everything is starting to turn "bright new green".

    Have a great day.


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